Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…Bacardi-Bartender-Battle

Well, we might be exaggerating a little, but there have been a few rumblings, a little trash talk and some other psych-out tactics being performed by the bartenders participating in the 4th Annual Bartender Battle on July 17th, 6pm @ Tom Foolery’s in Middletown, De.  All with good reason. They are competing for great prizes, bragging rights and the honor of being called “Best Bartender for 2013” at Tom Foolery’s.


This is a unique event giving the 8 competing Bartenders the opportunity to get creative,  showcase their talents and have a little fun.  The theme is Caribbean and what better ingredient is there to start with than Bacardi Rum?  Think of all the flavors they’ll have to work with to create these crafty cocktail concoctions – Pineapple Fusion, Razz & Dragon Berry to name a few.

The contestants will have the opportunity to score from 1-10 in these 4 categories – taste, presentation, creativity and theme integration- the 4 judges consist of  3 beverage sales professionals and 1 local Bartender.  The judges will taste the cocktails and help judge the final round.  The final round parameters will remain unknown until that evening when the final 2 contestants will go head to head.


Shanna aka Sham-Wow~Bartender Profile

Years of Bartending experience: 9                 Years at Tom Foolery’s: 7 months

What tool do you value most behind the bar? JT – He keeps it entertaining (yes she just called her coworker a tool)

Why do you think you’ll win the bartender battle?  Well, I’m Spanish and I can work with the tropical flavors of Bacardi.

Which other bartender will be your toughest competition and why? Stacey – She is out to win.

Any last words? If I talk sh*t I’ll lose!

Wednesday is also Bacardi Mug Night, so you get to enjoy all this action and come up with some tasty cocktails of your own.  Check out this deal ~ buy a mug filled with a Bacardi beverage for $10 and get $2 refills. They also feature $9 Bacardi buckets and $5 Bacardi tall drinks all day every day.

Tom Foolery’s is located at 714 Ash Blvd., Middletown, Delaware.  For more information visit them here.

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