Leap Forward Sunday

Ahh…It’s that time of year again. Spring forward, spring ahead or take a gigantic leap for that matter. Sunday, March 10th at 2:00am Eastern Time marks the beginning of Daylight Savings Time(DST) 2013 and to some the end of winter(spring starts officially on Wed. March 20th). One extra hour of daylight in the evening is indeed an event to celebrate. While [...]

Hello Full Moon

We’ve always been mesmerized by the beauty and influences of the full moon. So bright and clear, the full glow seems to mysteriously follow and guide you wherever you journey.  North-south, warm-cold, happy-sad, young-old, the complete luna, one of life's few constants, lingers above.   Some believe the full moon instigates deviance while others embrace its existence as a [...]

Recycle It, Shred It, GO GREEN

Are you training to be a lean mean GREEN machine?  Running for president of the Green Society? Take pride in keeping your home and community safe? Well read on…we’ve got green events to help you get your recycle fix. Don’t worry, the list of acceptable items these days is immense from TVs to paperclips. You’re bound to find [...]

Calling all Cell Yellers

Whether conventional or smart, cell phones can be just as annoying as pleasing.  Heck the days of day dreaming have become filled with cell phone gazers. You know those that sit and wait for the cell to boil, I mean ring. At concerts, the days of lighters & cameras flickering are long gone – 2012 concerts are host to cell [...]