shoo-fly-shoo-ziplock-bagGot Flies? Clear zip lock baggies are a hot pest diversion these days <what huh?>. Yep, we’ve seen them randomly placed around town especially at the beach particularly in outside local eating seating venues. The baggies we experienced were about half filled with water and each contained pennies, most zipped shut, hanging haphazardly by fish line or stapled to wood posts.

Initially we thought, CuCkOo.  But of course, we had to ask what’s all the penny baggie buzz? Curious now, aren’t you? One waiter told us that these baggies simply kept the flies away. Hmmm, imagine that invention. Apparently the reflection of the penny when placed in an area that catches a bit of the sun is a fly repellent – disorients them – imagine drunken flies perhaps. Not a believer? Try it yourself at home(inside or out), camping, the beach or wherever you feel the need to shoo flies. It’s natural in the least and much better than that gross fly paper or annoying electric bug zapper. You don’t have to fret about children or pets with this pest control either. Let us know how you make out!

INGREDIENTS NEEDED:how-to-get-rid-of-flies

  • Pesky flies
  • 1 Clear Zip Lock Bag(quart or gallon depends on your fly magnitude)
  • 4-5 Pennies
  • Water to fill
  • Fish line, tacks or stapler to hang