office-exercise-workin-out-at-workConsider the office the place you go to work and earn a living?  The biggest side effect of working in an office can be a body that gets out of shape – though that isn’t anyone’s intention.  When you are confined to a cubicle or office and desk chair for eight hours or more daily, some health & wellness training and workplace exercises can be the answer you’re looking for.  There’s hope for all of you stationary in the office to help get in shape and burn calories while stuck in your cubicle.  With office ergonomics training, everyone in the company can take advantage of keeping healthy and fit no matter how many hours are spent in the office.

Making some simple changes – outside of work and the cubicle – can be a great motivator and help move you in the right direction too.

  • Riding a bike or walking to work, if the weather and travel distance allows, it is a great catalyst.
    • Walking at lunch or to lunch with a group of coworkers can build relationships, be a great means for networking all while keeping you healthy.
    • Take the stairs instead of the elevator(ie: consider the two floor rule – if you are going within two floors always take the steps)
    • Park farther out in the parking lot.
    • Statistics show active employees do better office work than non-active employees. (hint – better performance review)


  • Desk Exercises – 8 easy exercices you can do at your desk, using just your chair and desk. (see image below for illustration)
    • Stretch…Exercises from chair dips to desk pushups and cubicle wall sits along with ergonomics safety training can give you a break during the work day while keeping you from being stationary all day with no exercise.
    • It is important to be safe and to not overexert it with office exercises.
    • Back Safety Training and making sure you understand common office injuries from repetitive motions to help prevent workplace injuries.

Aim for a sixty-second desk exercise every fifteen minutes every day, and you will accomplish thirty-two minutes total time of activity in an eight hour workday!

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