Ways-to-Navigate-Fast-Food-Menus-Like-a-Pro-Heart HealthyWhether we like it or not, fast food plays a role in our lives. As children we think of greasy, salty meals obtained from the drive thru as a treat, but as we grow we (hopefully) learn to opt for veggies, whole grains and lean protein to both fill our stomachs and satisfy our palates.  No matter your age or dietary preference, there are times when fries and a cheeseburger seem like your only, or best option – whether it’s due to the low cost, your need for a splurge or general convenience. But that doesn’t mean you should sabotage your diet.

Here are five tips from the American Heart Association to help you navigate fast food menus to keep your health, and heart, in check.

  1. Avoid portion distortion
  2. Be sauce savvy
  3. Say no to “fried”
  4. Sip smart
  5. Go in prepared

Learn more, visit www.goredforwomen.org/live-healthy/heart-healhty-snacks-and-eating-on-thego/navigate-fast-food-menus/(source)