Craft Beer Scene: December 2 – 8

Spread holiday BEER!  These hop head selections will make your naughty seem twice as nice.  Delaware Hop Scene and have found the most happening events to keep you BEERful this first week of December.  Check out the hoplights for Wednesday, December 2nd through Tuesday, December 8th.  Go take a look see at the full sortable calendar of [...]

Holidays at the Museums

Holidays at the Museums… It’s All About Tradition Museums are all about tradition.  Enjoy an array of festive programs all while experiencing the beauty of locally created and based art.  See how these exhibits capture the holiday spirit while preserving the essence of time.  Enjoy the living history art provides, especially during this joyous season. [...]

Santa Sightings 2015

What kids really want BEFORE Christmas is some solid lap time with the jolliest of jolly elves, Santa Claus!  How else will the bringer of Christmas toys know EXACTLY what they want under the tree.  Looking for a great Santa in North Delaware?  We’ve made a list and checked it twice for you.  We’ve found [...]

What’s Happening Thanksgiving Weekend?

Gobble,'s Turkey time! Thanksgiving weekend is known for reuniting old friends and families, reminiscing and giving thanks. If you are entertaining out of town guests or you want to take the kids out for a festive adventure, our weekend guide for Thursday, November 25th- Sunday, November 28th has got you covered. From Thanksgiving Day [...]

Delaware Hop Scene: November 25 – December 1

Turkeys hate this week, but beer drinkers love it!  The time we spend with family, friends, food, and frothy pints make it a special holiday season. and Delaware Hop Scene have found some Thanksgiving week events to keep you entertained.  So be prepared to give thanks to the Beer Gods!  Here are our top [...]

What’s Happening This Weekend? November 20-22

Pre-Thanksgiving weekend mixed with a little bit of Christmas. Ready or not here it comes. Savor the flavors of fall with our cool weekend picks for Friday, November 20th – Sunday, November 22nd . has the most happening mix of fall events to fill up your every weekend. There’s always more. View the NDH sort-able calendar of events [...]

Delaware Hop Scene: November 18 – 24

What happens in the weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving?  There's football.  There's Christmas music playing WAY too early.  There's beer! and Delaware Hop Scene have found some inter-holiday events to keep you entertained (and lubricated).  We've set the fill it in!  Here are our top picks for Wednesday, Nov 18th through Tuesday, Nov [...]

What’s Happening This Weekend?

Ready to jump into some fun this weekend? If diving head first into a pile of leaves is not your idea of fun, then check this out! You are bound to find something that will tickle your fancy in our cool picks list for Friday, November 14th – Sunday, November 16th. The weekend events air on [...]

Delaware Hop Scene: November 11 – 17

The last few days of Wilmington Beer Week are happening so be sure to drink what delicious suds you can!  The days are growing shorter but there's no need to fall into a bout of depression. and Delaware Hop Scene have found many ways for you to kick the blues to the curb.  In [...]

What’s Happening This Weekend? November

If you told us a month ago that it would be 70+ degrees the first week in November, we would have told you that you were crazy!? What is going on people? We say don't question it, enjoy it... get out there and do something. Ride a bike, enjoy a walk or run to one [...]