donuts-national-donut-day-first-friday-juneIs it acceptable to spell Doughnut~Donut?  Would you get points in Scrabble if you use Donut?  Is it odd to have a National Holiday spelled with a  non-approved dictionary version of a word? This became the topic of conversation this morning in house full of kids and adults while we were celebrating “National Donut Day” with a Doughnut.

We really didn’t feel strongly one way or another about the spelling.  If it’s a great donut/doughnut, we don’t care how you spell the fried rounds of tasty dough.  Speaking of DElicious doughnuts, we can go without mentioning’s  #HappList winner, finalist and nominee in the “Most Happening” Doughnut category are serving up some tasty treats in honor of this National Holiday.


Sweeney’s Bakery (Wilm)


Serpes Bakery (Elsemere)

Offering a Dozen  Donuts for $6.50 today!


Dunkin Donuts

Offering a complimentary donut with beverage purchase.