Borsello-landscapingToo often people miss out on having their own glorious spring yard.  Waiting until spring for landscaping means missing out on the peaceful experience of viewing the fresh budding trees and flowers from the comfort of one’s own home.  “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…”  And fall just happens to be a season for landscaping.

 If you want a lush landscape this Spring, NOW is the time to start!

There are so many reasons to get your landscaping done now. Trees, shrubs and spring bulbs do much better being planted in the cooler months than in the heat of summer. Landscaping now will ensure healthy trees, beautiful flowers, and a yard ready to be enjoyed by spring.

Borsello-Spring-In-BloomWhen planting a tree or shrub, a frequent problem that occurs is water shortage.  In the summer months, this can happen quickly and easily.  The heat can drain a tree of its lush, green color within a few days if not watered properly.  In the fall trees can withstand a transplant much better.  The cool temperatures allow the ground to hold in that much needed moisture, so the plant roots can take in all they need.

borsello spring2Another factor that helps with fall transplanting is that the trees/shrubs are not as demanding due to the cool weather.  Fall is the beginning of their dormancy period. During this time, their root growth is slowing down.  This means that the roots do not get as disturbed when transplanting because they are not trying to grow quickly.  Whereas, in the warm months, the roots are working as hard as they can to reach as deep and far as they are able.  At the end of the fall transplant, you will have a lush tree that will last through spring.

Planting bulbs in the fall is a necessity if you want to see those colorful flowers come springtime.  If bulbs are planted in the fall, the roots have enough time to root before the ground freezes in the winter, and that freeze is a must if you want those spring blooms.  The bulbs need a period of dormancy in order to produce those beautiful spring flowers.  Plant these bulbs along an ornate stone walk way, and you will have a spring yard to be envied!

borsello springSpring is the most beautiful time of the year.  If you want your yard to be a part of the beauty, then you have to set the stage now.  Dream big and act now to have a spring to be remembered.  If you prefer to leave it to the professionals then give Borsello a call @ 472-2600.



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