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NFL Free AgentsFootball is in the Air!


Tuesday March 12, 2013 at 4:00 pm marked the start of the NFL free agent signing period, one of the top five highlights that NFL Fans look forward to each year.  The Superbowl, the start of the playoffs, the first week of the season and Draft Day make up the other four.

NFL fans have been anxiously checking Twitter, ESPN and the NFL Network to see what moves their favorite team has made.  Did they release that high price player who did absolutely nothing for their team last year?  Did they release a Stud because the price tag was just too high?the good, the bad, the ugly


Maybe your team was one of the lucky ones & picked themselves a Drew Breese, who went on to become  the  MVP of Superbowl and a two time  NFL Offensvie Player of the Year or the next Reggie White who helped the Packers win a Superbowl .

You may think you picked a winner, but only time will tell.


Did they pick up what they thought was the the missing piece to the puzzle?  The guy that’s getting them to the Super Bowl!  That’s what Tampa Bay fans were hoping for when they signed Alvin Harper, who helped Dallas win two Super Bowl titles.  Then during his two years in Tampa he was slowed by injuries. He played in only 25 games to catch 65 passes for 922 yards and three touchdowns…what a bust considering the pay-out.


How about snatching up last years Super Bowl MVP, sounds like a good investment right?  Ask the Raiders, they may tell you a different story…The Raiders did that with Desmond Howard in 1997 and they’ll tell you that what you think is a sure thing may not be a sure thing.  In two years with Oakland Howard only caught 6 passes for 46 yards and had ZERO touchdowns…not a lot of bang  for a $6 million contract

Most talked about Free Agent Decisions of 2013…thus far:

You’ve Gotta Give a little to Get….

free agent percy harvin


Seattle gave up a first- and seventh-round pick for the 2013 draft and a third-round selection in the 2014 draft for WR Percy Harvin.  He is a triple threat with his ability as a WR, a tailback and a kick-returner it’s like the Seahawks have gained 3 players in one.  This makes thier sacrifice well worth while~ or so they think~ only time will tell.  Is Harvin the missing player Seattle needs to win the SuperBowl or will his history of migraines be a major headache for the Seahawks?


 anquan bolden holding super bowl troph

Bolden Heads WestSan Francisco steals Anquan Boldin from the Raven’s for the low low price of a 6th round draft pick.  What a twist, considering Anquan played an instrumental part in Baltimore’s 34-31 win over San Francisco this past Super Bowl. Is Anquan the missing piece to the Super Bowl puzzle for San Fran?

Money Talks

Shortly after playing a crucial role in helping the Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII, wide receiver Anquan Boldin said he’d rather retire than play for another team.

“Baltimore is the only place I want to play. It’s the last place that I will play,” Boldin told Pro Football Talk last month. “For me, I’ll retire a Raven, I’m not putting on any other uniform.”

Clearly that isn’t the case any longer, as Boldin was traded to the San Francisco 49ers Monday for a sixth-round pick after refusing to take a salary cut from the $6 million he’s scheduled to earn this season. Boldin, who is currently on a charity mission in Senegal, finally reacted to the news of the deal via Twitter Tuesday morning with a farewell to Ravens fans.

Chris Strauss, USA TODAY Sports



Wes Walker signs off

Wes Walker leaves Tom Brady to catch passes for Peyton Manning, what more could a WR wish for?  Does he make them look good or do they make him look good or do they just compliment eachother?  Well, I guess we’ll see if Wes and Peyton have the Chemistry to bring the BRONCOS one step closer to winning the Super Bowl!


Welker knew just the right words to win over Elway, who treats his job as an executive with the same competitive drive as he had as quarterback.

“I want to win. That above everything,” Welker said Thursday as he was introduced in Denver. “We’d figure out the money part and all that stuff later, but that winning was a big thing for me.”

According to USA Sports…

 AHHH Yes, Football is in the AIR!