Gifts-for-GradsTis the season for Graduation Celebrations.  If finding the perfect gift doesn’t give you the warm & fuzzies, we understand. The hunt doesn’t have to be mind blowing even if you want the gift to be. We’ve got a few unique and some classic ideas that will help make your gift one of the most memoriable of all.


CASH as Cash, Cash as a Check or even a Visa/MasterCard Gift Card trumps. Who can say no to cash? Grads of any age have financial wants and needs, right? From school loans and gas to just plain post-grad summer fun – Cash is King! Cash is the most desired gift among grads of any age for a many reasons -school loans, geographic moves, first official apartment, professional accessories —  like electronics(new laptop or smart phone), a reliable car, a vacation before joining the “real world”, a new career wardrobe, and more! Want something more tangible or memoriable? Read on…



Gadgets & techy gizmos are always a plus and come in all price ranges and sizes – who doesn’t love a new iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP4, Digital Camera, Video Cam or other computer gadget or accessory? High school students heading to college will need access to the Internet and a way to keep in touch with family and friends when they are away from home.  Or how about a mobile wifi hotspot(MIFI) so they can access the internet from anywhere, anytime. Other gifting ideas…consider prepaid phone cards, digital alarm clock, silicone Bull Horn speaker – no batteries required, a flash drive or an external hard drive for storing files, cell phone accessories or an iTunes gift card. The gadget and tech list is endless. Whatever the tech gift, you can’t go wrong…just save the receipts!

MONOGRAMMED ANYTHINGmonogrammed burton backpack

Mark the milestone and leave a lasting impression on your grad with a personalized graduation gift. How about a monogrammed back pack, ipad case, book bag, cooler, suitcase or suitcase tag. A personal journal to encourage daily writing. A monogrammed mug, mousepad or picture frame. Monogrammed anything is timeless.



Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Suess is one all time favorite. “Congratulations! Today is Your Day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re Off & Away!” This humorous verse and picture book addresses the Great Balancing Act(life itself and the ups & downs it presents along the way) while encouraging us to find the successes that lie within us. In a mere 56 pages, Dr. Suess imparts a lifetime of wisdom. A great read and treasure for any age and any purpose – graduation, new job, relocation, new business, etc. Inspired good fun. Add your own words of wisdom on the inside cover. “You’re Mountain is waiting. So…Get on your way!”

And will you succeed?

Yes! You will, indeed!

(98 and 3/4 percent, guaranteed.)



Just as fun as cash – giving grads the freedom to use when, where and how they wish – Gift Cards are always a fail proof option. Available in just about any denomination to fit your gift giving budget.  Choose from the practical gift card types like gas, coffee shops, convenience stores, book stores, office supply, wireless minutes, iTunes or choose from the fun & necessities like restaurants, movies, clothing, spas, salons, surf shops, big box department stores and more!


Still can’t decide? Grab a gift bag and fill it with all sorts of different items from above.  Add books for college life, inspirational works or a personal journal. A book on job hunting, letter writing and professional skills. Perhaps you might include a flash drive or blank CDs that will come in handy for storing documents such as homework assignments and reports. Notecards(thank yous) & stamps for writing home(hint!). If your grad is 18 yrs or older, consider making their life a little greener with Delaware Lottery Tickets. Mix it all up and create a theme! Include your personal words of advice…I’m sure you have a few, right?


Of course, the most valuable gift you could offer is a J-O-B. If that isn’t an option, consider the next best thing and most valuable — providing new grads with a job lead, internship, networking opportunity, constructive professional advice or simple 101 direction with resume writing. Become a mentor to a new grad or invite them to shadow you during your day job. A mentor or coach is a great choice because your advice isn’t bound by time. Your advice and feedback is more dynamic and easy to change, if circumstances change. The transition is never easy but with a personal coach/mentor, the job hunt sure is easier.



Wherever life takes them, grads will appreciate your gift and hopefully the above list makes your grad gift giving task easier.

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