brennan and cassieGiving Thanks. It is amazing what can happen in a year!  After 20 years of employment at a local bank, I was devastated when I was laid off in March, but was fortunate to be given severance through December.  Because of this, I was able to devote time to school, spend the summer at the beach with some absolutely AMAZING new friends that I now consider family, go to St. Lucia with my husband, children, my dad and his wife, and just relax and think about “what I want to be when I grow up”.  I am very fortunate to be working with my dad learning the publishing business and meeting new people, while also working part-time as a virtual administrative assistant for a company whose philosophy and work ethic is one that all employers should follow.

Boxer-JavaDuring this holiday season, I am truly thankful for my husband Devon, my children Brennan and Cassie, and of course Java, our Boxer “puppy”. I am also thankful for the continued health of my family, opportunity to move forward with my education and the ability to work doing something that I absolutely love.  I continue to be thankful for my friends … old and new!!  I have learned so much from all of you over this past year!  While there are still struggles ahead, I will always be thankful for my support system and the overall health and strength that I know that I have.

Kirsten O’Quinn, Cedar Tree Books