Need an excuse? Here it is plain and simple — it’s National Junk Food Day!

Today is your chance to eat all those fabulous snacks that offer no nutritional value whatsoever all with no guilt. Over-do-it with the cheesiest, greasiest, chocolatiest, sweetest, saltiest, fried foods you can handle. You know those that can’t pass for breakfast, lunch or dinner and don’t fit into any of the food groups but it’s O.K. <TODAY… INDULGE!> You can even wash it all down with a full calorie soda pop. What’s better, the holiday happens to fall on a labor-free weekend day, Saturday – so you are privledged with one full day to eat all the snickity-snacks you can get your hands on. Then on Sunday you can moan & groan as you head to the gym to burn it all off and pretend it never happened. We won’t judge. BTW- The origins of this national holiday are totally unknown according to promoting sources but who cares! We’re In! Are You?

Enjoy YOUR National Junk Food Day!

WARNING: Fats from junk food trigger the brain to want more food. This effect can last for several day. (research says?)