Problems and solutionsThere is always a Solution! Spring forward and you will find it.

At many times in life, we are faced with problems, dilemmas, and difficult situations which at first seem to have no solution or happy resolution. You may find yourself wondering~ what should I do? It may seem that whatever choice you make will not be favorable to you or others around you. It may be an ethical decision at work, a problem with a co-worker or family member, a failing marriage, or an inability to pay your bills. These difficult life problems often seem to drag on and on with no visible solution. This journey in life often leaves us questioning whether or not we are making the best choice given the situation.


This spring move forward and commit to solutions!! Every problem has a solution!

The following steps may be helpful in finding a solution to a major problem you are facing:

1. Define the problem as you see it.

Write it down on paper. Include how others may view the situation if you have this information.

2. List all possible resolutions to the problem.

List the pros and cons to each solution. This will take some brainstorming.

3. Think about what is the worst thing that can happen with each possible decision.

4. Take time to review your pro/con list each day for a set period of time.Solution

(The more serious the problem, the longer you will want to take). Each time you review your list, your perspective may change.

5. Talk to someone you trust.

Ask a family member or friend for their perspective. Many times others see things we don’t.

6. Review each solution and the effect it may have on you and others around you.

7. Make the commitment to find a SOLUTION and a set time line for a resolution.

You don’t want to be dealing with the same problem years from now.

Many times problems turn into opportunities. You may not realize this until months or years later. When we learn to deal with small problems effectively, we are then able to tackle the larger ones with greater ease. Take action today! Spring forward and overcome those problems!

 Total-Family-SolutionsDebbie Riddle is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Delaware and New Jersey and CEO of Total Family Solutions.

Established in 2003, Total Family Solutions is a therapist owned and operated provider. Services are individually developed to meet the unique needs of each adult and child and are implemented in accordance with a plan of care. Services are short term solution focused, utilizing an adult, child and family centered strength based approach. Total Family Solutions is a NJ Medicaid Approved Provider and we accept select private insurances.