Bah humbug…the holiday is over but please don’t just throw your Christmas tree – recycle!

Recycle and create valuable organic materials that can be recycled and chipped into mulch. Please
remove all non-organic objects such as lights, wire, tinsel, ornaments and hooks.
Foreign objects contaminate the mulch and damage the chipper.

Christmas trees are not accepted at Delaware State Parks this year.

City of Wilmington — Citizens are invited to place their Christmas trees at the curb on
their regular recycling collection day (Monday for residents east of I-95 and
Tuesday for residents west of I-95 with the exception of City government
holidays). Collection crews will inform the Public Works Call Center of the
location of the trees and a City-owned wood chipping truck will respond to the
site and grind the tree into wood chips on the spot.

Citizens may also call the Public Works Call Center at 576-3878
at any time to request that the City come to their property to grind their
discarded Christmas tree. The Public Works Department will endeavor to collect
and grind trees for recycling on the same day they are reported or, at the very
least, within a few days of them being placed at the curb.

The wood chips from the pine trees are used by the City during the spring season as cover for city parks and other
properties. Pine wood chips also are used by the City to cover vacant
properties that have become eyesores because of overgrown grass and weeds. Pine
wood chips retard the growth of grass and weeds and thus prevent properties
from becoming further overgrown and unsightly.

This seasonal City service will be available through mid-February.