Shake Shake Shake…Shake Your Booty

It’s March, can you believe its just a few weeks from Spring!  It’s time to start thinking about trimming down for the summer.  Start the 90 day Challenge from Visalus and transform that “Booty”  by June!  They have a delicious and nutritious line of shakes and vitamin packages for you to choose from.  It all depends on your Health Goals.

Don’t take my word for it, go to the Healthy Happy Hour party on March 21st from 5-7 pm @ Anytime Fitness.  You’ll have the opportunity to taste the shakes and meet with Amy DelCollo, your area distributor, who will have the answers to all of your questions.  We are even running a contest to win a months worth of shakes or vitamins, here on NDH…make sure you enter!

I’ve been on my share of diets so I needed to know what makes this one different from the rest.  Here’s what Amy shared with me…

My website is simply a starting point to see if  people have an interest. When folks want more or show an interest I talk to them about it and also share this link  …it explains everything!  …pricing included.  But nothing beats personal conversation.  Or even FB chat!  It’s seriously no pressure on my part.  I just want to share info!

As far as the products themselves are concerned, there are a variety of kits.  Each one is designed to suit a persons goals and they vary in cost.  I use the shape kit… 60 meals/shakes, $99/month (but I’ve been getting mine free for the last 2 months) and I’ve also added the Vi-Pak to it.  This is a variety of vitamins that are used together to get awesome results.  I LOVE them.  I feel so good on them that I made sure I get them on auto-ship. I don’t  want to go a day without them! Seriously.  The shake is so tasty and it has helped me with my sugar cravings and appetite.  It’s the trisorb protein mix that is easily absorbed into your system.  This helps with sugar levels, etc…Now that my sugar levels have evened out I don’t have crazy cravings any more.   Unfortunately, the shake isn’t anything magical, it doesn’t force me to make better choices through out the day…  if there is apple pie sitting next to me, I’m probably going to have a piece!  I don’t need it.  I’m not having crazy cravings for apple pie.  It’s just there and I want to taste it.   So I do.  If I decide it tastes really good and I want more, well then I need to make a choice… eat more and deal with the extra calories, or don’t eat it.  My choice.  However, the shake and the Vi-Pak does provide me with what my body needs to be healthier, eat healthier and make better choices in general.

I drink one for breakfast, that’s when the sugar levels are at their lowest and it sets me straight for the day.  I then have a healthy a.m. snack, another shake with my healthy lunch, a healthy p.m. snack and then dinner.  I lost 10 lbs and never deprived myself or hungry because my body was getting everything it needed.   Now mind  you, I still let myself have pizza and chocolate, but not in crazy portions like before.  I’m currently doing damage control from the holidays… but hey… I’ve got the tools to do it.