If you’re skinny, you won’t get it. If you’re skinny but you think you’re fat, you might think you get it but you have no idea.

Fact: Fat people find it annoying when skinny people complain about being fat.

Let’s get down to the truth. No one wants to be fat. I’m not saying bigger people are unhappy or unhealthy. I’m saying if given the choice, everybody would choose skinner. There’s a billion dollar industry that proves that point. It isn’t fun being “the big girl” in a group when you go out. It isn’t fun to shop, it isn’t fun when the skinny girls get all the attention. It’s a horrible feeling not to have energy to play with your kids or dreading that the summer is coming. It isn’t fun when your bath towel can’t wrap around you or when you have to walk in to Lane Bryant or go to the Plus size section of the store. I’m not saying skinnier people have fun all the time, but from my experience being skinner is easier.  It’s more fun to shop, I’m more active/healthier and socially I have far more confidence than I did when I was heavy.

Molly’s story continues…


I sat down one day and reflected on my life. I realized that while there were so many fantastic parts – there was a void or a hole that inspiration, joy and ease of life used to live. Figuring that out was life changing.  I sat on the beach that day and made a decision to change my life. It wasn’t until almost 4 years later I understood the power behind that decision.

I can’t explain exactly why I gained so much weight.  It’s all part of a process which I am still figuring out. Every day I heal a little more and with the healing comes self discovery.  Years of being one way cannot be solved in 4 years of change.  It was July 3, 2008 when I said I was going to do this.  I truly had no idea where to start. I knew nothing about nutrition, dieting, pills, exercise etc… I began talking to others as hairdressers do, reading magazines and looking into diets.  I quickly learned that a diet was not for me. It wasn’t enough of the change I was looking for.  I looked at “Diets” as being temporary & I wanted forever.

There was no way I was entering into this battle with the possibility of failure. I needed a solid proof plan to win.

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[box] Introducing: Molly Malloy. Molly Malloy is a North Delaware native & 40 year old mother of 3. Molly recently gained a lot of local attention because of her appearance on the Dr. Oz “Hungry Girl” episodes. Over the past four years Molly has been fighting some mental and physical battles in an effort to find herself. Her story isn’t just about losing 169 pounds it’s about the journey of self-motivation, self-sacrifice and self-awareness both mentally and physically. Learn more about Molly[/box]