Personal ChefLet’s get something straight, Personal Chefs are not just for the rich and famous! Sure it sounds like a luxury, but if you really think about the benefits, it just makes a lot of sense and saves a lot of cents. Busy Moms, busy Dads, busy kids, let’s face it, life is busy and instead of going through the Drive Thru, you can grab something fast right out of your fridge. More and more “regular” families are finding out about and realizing the value of hiring a Personal Chef.

We enlisted the help of Personal Chef Bianca, Happening List winner of the “Most Happening Chef 2015” category to give us FIVE reasons everyone should hire a Personal Chef.

#1 Time

This is the most obvious reason a personal chef is going to be a huge help to you! Come home late from work and just want to relax? Play with the kids? A personal chef can prepare your meals for an entire week. You’re still eating fresh and healthy without the added stress, allowing you that extra relaxation after a long day. It grants the time you deserve to spend with the people you love and the passions you long to pursue.

#2 Your Health

SalmonHaving a personal chef allows you to eat under dietary restrictions or explorations. Instead of always wondering, “Does this fit into my diet?”, you’ll have a stock of food that you know is great for the diet you are trying to maintain.  A chef will work with you to create recipes and dishes that not only meet your nutritional plan, but that are delicious and worth eating. So whether you are trying to better your own personal health or living under dietary limitations, a personal chef will make you feel less like you’re eating a special diet and more that you are eating enjoyable food that so happens to fit into your lifestyle.

#3 Cost

Food PortionsHiring a personal chef can actually help you save money believe it or not. We spend so much of our money when we’re crunched for time to afford convenience. Having freshly prepared meals in your home will help you avoid those dire situations of inconvenience. Have some old food laying around in the refrigerator? We throw so much unused food away everyday in this country. A personal chef can help to make sure that bag of peppers sitting in your refrigerator or the pork tenderloin in your freezer gets cooked and used in a yummy recipe for your family instead of at the bottom of the trash can.

#4 Added Variety

Many of us cook that cook for ourselves and end up rotating the same old recipes over and over. We know they’re good, yes. But don’t they get boring after a while!? Hiring a personal chef will no doubt add variety and spice to your diet. You may be exposed to  new foods or tastes you never imagined you would like.

#5 Special Circumstances

Prepared FoodsEven if you don’t have a personal chef in your home on a weekly basis, that does not mean that you can’t benefit from hiring one! There are so many special moments in our lives where we are strapped for time and don’t want to compromise health. A new mom doesn’t want to spend her first few tired weeks at home with her infant cooking meals for herself! Coming home after a long vacation and dread an empty fridge? Recovering from a medical procedure? A personal chef is a valuable option in times like these. Hiring a personal chef is also a unique and fun gift idea. A special occasion dinner for your newly married friends or a cooking class to do with a group of buddies are just some ideas on this broad spectrum of possibilities.


Chef BiancaAbout Chef Bianca

Bianca Russano or Chef B is a very pleasant Personal Chef based in Delaware. She is an honors graduate in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and also has a BA from the University of Delaware. She is a member in good standing of the United States Personal Chef Association and certified in Food Safety Management.

If you hire Chef Bianca, she will meet with you to create a meal plan customized for your family’s tastes and dietary needs. Gluten Free? No problem. On Weight Watchers? No problem. She does the grocery shopping and comes to your home to prepare the meals. The food is portioned, labeled and stored in your refrigerator or freezer with re-heating instructions. It’s as easy as that!

For more information about Bianca or to schedule an appointment, visit Chef B online

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