14 VALENTINES FOR ANYONEHere it comes, the most infamous hallmark holiday – Valentine’s Day. Whether your single, taken or somewhere in between, we’ve collected some lovable ways to connect with simply anyone in your world without breaking the bank or your sweet little heart. 14 Valentines for Anyone. Be uniquely inspired.

#14 – snail mail

You can disconnect for a moment, we have faith. Drop the smart phone – X the text, email, facebook just for a few. Get out the good ‘ol pen, paper, stamps and jot or cut a note or a fun postcard. Send it via snail mail. If you don’t have an admirer, how about sending one to your mom, dad, siblings, BFF, BRO, single or long lost friend? “LOVE” doesn’t have to consume you, a simple thank you for being you will do. USPS depends on it.

Valentines snail mail

#13 photobook

LOVE visuals? Well by all means collect some of your favorite images, upload and print. Make it yourself or make it a official with one of the photobook apps like snapfish, shutterfly or walgreens.  Add some fun LUV-ism quotes depending on your intended recipient.

Valentines Day Dad-Photo-Book-Ideas

#12 hide & seek

Who doesn’t love a good game of hide & seek? Hide LUV notes under your loved one’s pillow, in their sock drawer, between the bread slices, closed in their laptop, cellphone or briefcase. Don’t forget the little tikes. How about dropping some sweet notes in your child’s lunch bag or back pack.


#11 sweet somethings

Get sweet with hearts – hide them randomly or share them strategically. Save a few for you too.

Valentines Sweet heart candy messages

#10 draw it

Not good with words? Draw your thoughts.


#9 sitter-licious

Kids, pets whatever the break(or brakes), I’m sure you know someone that needs some “me” time or “us” time. Offer it up.

© Lenanet | Dreamstime.com - Little Girl With Two Little Red Heart Photo

#8 be winey

It’s OK today, get woopy. Share a bottle of vino. There’s some inventive selections out there to get your message across. if you can’t find one, DIY! Create your own custom bottle label.

woop woop wine

 #7 get bizzy

The office is not a place for “LOVE” but you can tell your co-workers and boss how much you enjoy working with them. Might gain you a few brownie points along the way. #charmer

Valentines Day © Liligraphie | Dreamstime.com - Office Workplace With Red Heart, Keyboard, Tablet PC, Phone Photo

#6 note to self

This is a test of the emergency selfie alert system. Take a selfie or give yourself a selfie, enuf said?

Valentines love-notes-to-self

#5 unique messaging

Get creative with your message in all the right places. Don’t have enough rose petals? Use sheets, towels, clothes to creatively message with a touch of rose.


#4 get fruity

Who needs candy? You can sweeten up any moment with these shots thru the fruity hearts.


#3 throw a party

Step outside the LOVE box. Don’t hate. GLEE! Break up the mushy, invite the gang to the LOVE shack.

I got me a car, it’s as big as a whale
And we’re headin’ on down to the Love Shack
I got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20
So hurry up and bring your jukebox money

The love shack is a little old place where we can get together…..


#2 check the #happlist

Thinking of going the traditional route with candy, dinner, flower, spa? You name it The Happening List has the traditional tried and true favorites and what’s better they are LOCAL nominated by North Delawareans. 170 categories to choose from within 11 groups – you are bound to find something special here —> http://northdelawhere.happeningmag.com/happeninglist


happening list



#1 Just Say “I Love You”

Those 3 little words go often unheard. Make it a point to say them out loud to those who are deserving. Practice aloud if you must. #justsaying


This message has been brought to you by the NDH Valentine’s Cupid.