Have you made your 2012 Resolutions yet? 2012 Resolution Revolution!

Is trying to stick to your Resolutions that of a constant battle or even a mini revolution?

Lose weight, eat right, exercise more, don’t procrastinate, stop smoking, stop complaining, win the lottery, declutter and the list goes on and on.  We know you can accomplish those low hanging fruit type tasks. So how about we create a Revolution against focusing only on the mundane Resolutions?

It’s a New Year with new beginnings.

In 2012, we are challenging to North Delawareans to “Go Big”…

“Just do it” and do it to the fullest of your ability. Be extravagant. Be excessive. Be fab-U-lous.

Find that $1 million idea, become a CEO, start your own business, publish a book, star in a TV show, buy a house or two houses, learn to ride a motorcycle, run a marathon,  break a world record, get out of debt, serve as a non-profit board member, compose a song, swim with the dolphins, get your MBA degree, meet your favorite Hollywood star, fly first class, pay off your mortgage, get your teaching degree, get married, audition for American Idol, adopt a child….What will you do in 2012?

Share your 2012 Resolution Revolution ideas with us here… on NorthDelaWHEREhappening.com. We will post them along with your progress milestones for all to see and cheer you on! GO BIG ND!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Keller

“There is fun to be done!” Dr. Seuss