“We need 500 people to be a part of the video “Tears Down The Walls” today at 2 PM. The exterior gates on businesses is the barrier to revitalization. Remove the gate-See the beautiful building-Feel comfortable-Renovate the upstairs-Live Downtown-Be a part of making it happen!”  – Will Minster


Downtown Visions Main Street Program is launching “Tear Down The Walls” the newest project of their Façade Improvement Program. Beginning September 7, 2012 during a kick-off event, exterior security gates will be physically removed from buildings along Market Street starting in the 700 block, and complete restoration of the building facades will begin. This project is a historic milestone as these gates reinforce the completely untrue, yet persistent negative perception of safety in Downtown Wilmington. As visitors walk Market St. at night between the Grand Opera House and The Queen they must see these unsightly gates. In the spirit of Ronald Reagan saying to Mikhail Gorbachev , “Tear Down this Wall” Downtown Visions is tearing down the negative perception.


Some Facebook Responses:

Rem Well: I love living and working downtown!  My art is also In the loop tonight.. in the city county building 800 French street hope to see some of you there… president Obama will be there…LOL in painting only but he’ll be there 🙂
Rita Tipton Buxbaum:  I first started working in downtown in 1970  —  wow, what a transformation!  I LOVE seeing the beautiful old buildings along LOMA —  they are like works of art!  Then, you get to the 700 block and all you see are those grill gates across business fronts  —  like night and day.  As a inner city resident and worker, I am excited and happy that these changes are taking place in my lifetime.  Thanks to all who make these things happen  —  you are heroes!