Have a tee time up & coming? Great golf includes more than just skill.  Whether you’re a duffer, novice golfer or experienced, enjoying your time on the links is the key to a good day. Sure, we appreciate that you are eager to be the next Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus or Annika Sorenstam, but golf should be treated as a game.  Don’t fret if your hooking, hacking and slicing every now and then. These 5 tips will ensure that you enjoy your day on the Course. Article Contributed by Vincent Fiorelli.


Golf Tip #1. Choose a Realistic Tee-Time.

If you’re like me and not an early riser on the weekends, afternoon times work out much better and usually are less expensive.



Golf Tip #2. Play a course and proper tees, that fit your ability. 

This is the biggest factor in determining how much fun you and you’re fellow partners will have. There is a certain skill level needed to play White Clay Creek CC, compared to Porky Oliver’s GC. Check your ego at the first tee.



Golf Tip #3. Make a little wager.

Now of course, I don’t condone illegal gambling, but a little wager helps keep you focused, teaches you to play under pressure and opens the door for some smack talk amongst friends.



Golf Tip #4. Take sunscreen, band-aids, Alieve, bottled water, etc…to the course.

Today’s golf bags have ample room and lined pockets to store just about everything, yes, even cell phones. (Sappy please read this.) Blisters, sunburn and dehydration can and do occur on the course.  Be Prepared!



 Golf Tip #5. PLAY READY GOLF.

It doesn’t matter if you shoot 75 or 115, as long as you play quickly – speed golf perhaps? Make a true effort to complete your round in 4 hrs. or less. Nobody likes to wait 5 mins between swings!




Vincent Fiorelli {handicap 6} is a 44 year resident of North Delaware, avid golfer, NorthDelaWHEREHappening.com Contributing Writer and a dear friend to the NDH team. A sales & marketer by day and a GOLF enthusiast by night & weekend. He’s been playing for 29 years (still awaiting his first hole-in-one.).  He worked in the 1990’s in the pro shop of Pike Creek Golf Course (3 Little Bakers).  Vincent’s lowest round for 18 holes is 71 at Deerfield Golf Course and Country Club in Newark and lowest round for 9 holes is 33 at PGA Country Club in Port St. Lucie, FL.  He’s played courses in: DE,PA,MD,NJ,NC,SC,GA,FL,TX. He’s our official GO TO Golf Guy.