Where is Carl Doubét?  That’s been the question…

After leaving their Greenville location approximately 6 months ago, it seemed as though Carl Doubét Jewelers went missing.  The owners and operators were very tight lipped about the plans for the new store.  In an effort to create a buzz & keep their clients engaged, they began their Facebook marketing campaign.  The question was posted all over the internet; “Where is Carl Doubét?”  Their plan worked, people all over New Castle County were playing along.  Did they close?  Are they moving?  When are they re-opening & where?

Well, we FOUND him…

Contrary to popular belief, Frank and Nola didn’t run off to the Bahamas and Carl didn’t grab the  family jewels and head on a cruise around the world.  They were here all along, available and working hard getting the new spot @ 2900 Concord Pike ready for the unveiling.  Their intention was not to be off the grid for that long, but due to some unforeseen issues with Mother Nature their construction plans had been set back.  The finished product is well worth the wait, 4,000 square feet of “fabulosity”.  The very trendy, not your run of the mill jewelry store is reminiscent of the stores in Southern California, stylish yet comfortable, exclusive yet inviting.  Come on in and relax in their lounge or grab a cup of Hot Stuff in Carl’s Café.

Regular Doubét shoppers need not worry.  All the things you love about Doubét: the owners, service, superior quality diamonds, emeralds rubies etc… have remained the same.  For the Fashionista’s of North Delaware there’s a “twist”, and they like to call it “the not so serious side”, with modern & eclectic collections.

 What’s not to love about Carl Doubét?

Carl Doubét Jewelers is an independent family jeweler, which has called Delaware home for over 73 years. The history of Carl Doubét’s dates back to 1895 when Carl Doubét Sr.started his first store in Washington DC. A lineage that has gone from great grandfather to grandfather, mother to son, the Doubét name has be synonymous with the finest in diamonds and gemstones for over 117 years. They are members of the American Gem Society, a distinction that only two store share in the entire state of Delaware, they adhere to the highest ethics, honesty & standards that have made their reputation as brilliant as the diamonds they sell.

Carl Doubét Jewelers is just that,  a Jeweler.  A full service jeweler who has enjoyed helping Delaware get engaged, who has enjoyed creating custom designs both large and small, who can handle all your jewelry repairs, and has been doing all that and so much more for generations.

You are invited to join them for their OPEN HOUSE on February 4th from 10:00-3:30. Every guest gets a gift plus there will be lots of drawings, prizes and snacks.