What’s Up for the Weekend?

Weeee! We are in full on Festival mode this weekend and we like it. Yummy food, wild rides, jazzy sounds, birthday celebrations and people watching like it's going out of style.  From St. Anthony's Italian Festival rolling into the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival and from getting wild at the WIPEOUTRUN to chillin at the Separation [...]

Memorial Day Weekend 2015~ What’s Hot and Happening?

Happy Memorial 3-Day Weekend!  How would you like to get the #RoyalTreatment all weekend long? Well, the Blue Rocks plan on giving you just that this Memorial Day weekend~ with daily games and patriotic as well as unique promotions for all 4 Days! This weekend is chock full of some good ole American fun from [...]

Columbus Ships Pinta and Nina Land in Wilmington

Come aboard Mateys! The Columbus Ships sail continuously discovering new ports every week throughout the year in the United States. On Friday, 15th May, the Pinta and the Niña, replicas of Columbus Ships, will land in Wilmington and be open to the public through Tuesday, 19th May. The Niña was built completely by hand and [...]

What’s the Happs for the Weekend?

Spring has finally sprung, the sun is shining (at least for now), the birds are chirping and we’re ready to get this weekend underway. Rain is expected, but we won’t let it damper our spirits, rain or shine there is too much fun to be had.  With tons of fun events to get your IRISH [...]

The Ultimate Pi Day ~ Cross Over to the Nerd Side

Pi Day is celebrated world-wide every year on 3.14 (March 14th). YES, hard to believe there is an entire day dedicated to Pi (Greek letter “π”), a mathematical symbol that represents  a constant. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.  Do you get it? [...]

Voting Heats Up: Finals Days of The 2015 Happening List

The 2015 Happening List heats up in the final days of voting. On Friday, February 20th the voting results view goes blind, meaning you can no longer see who is in the lead within each category and new nominations will no longer be accepted. Happening List Voting continues thru Saturday, February 28th, 11:59pm. One vote per category [...]

What’s Happening this Holiday Weekend…

Friday the 13th, Valentine's Day and Presidents Day all rolled into one wild, crazy, romantic & action packed 3-Day Weekend (for most).  Here's your guide to what's happening and where, Friday, Feb. 13th – Monday, Feb 16th. NorthDelaWHEREhappening.com has the most happening events for adults, families and kids to fill up your weekend~ from Love [...]

15 Super Fun Weekend Events

We have SUPER lineup for Friday, Jan. 30th – Sunday, Feb 1st. NorthDelaWHEREhappening.com has the most happening events for adults, families and kids to fill up your weekend~ From Bruce in the USA to San Fermin and from Smokey Joe to Jack and the Beanstalk, rounding out the weekend with the Super Bowl and we're just [...]

New Year, New Weekend!

What’s Happening New Year? Introducing your first Weekend Guide of 2015 – Friday, January 2nd – Sunday, January 4th.  NorthDelaWHEREhappening.com has the most happening events for adults, families and kids to fill up your weekend. Grab your friends and family and enjoy the new year from Ice Skating and Ice Hockey to Pure Jerry (Garcia) and kRUSH (RUSH) and [...]

Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Teens

Ahh the teenage years~ we just have to face the facts~finding gifts for teens can be tough.  Our kids are growing up fast and unfortunately, they won't take or just don't have the time  to write up their Christmas wish list.  You should be prepared for the “I don’t knows” and the “whatever’s” when you ask [...]