celebrate Pi DayPi Day is celebrated world-wide every year on 3.14 (March 14th). YES, hard to believe there is an entire day dedicated to Pi (Greek letter “π”), a mathematical symbol that represents  a constant. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.  Do you get it?  That makes this Pi day 3.14.15 the ultimate, once in a lifetime Pi Day. Math geeks have been loving Pi Day for years, but considering its ultimate status, we think it’s time for everyone to cross over to the nerd side ~ if only for the day.

Here are some creative ways to celebrate National Pi Day

eat-pieEat Pi(e)

Now you have a good excuse to pick up that fork and indulge in these sweet offerings from your favorite local bakery or Diner!



Mile high slices of pie for $4.59 at the famous Arner’s in New Castle.
201 N Dupont Hwy
New Castle, Delaware
(302) 322-3279

Half Baked Patisserie

Delicious pies down on Main Street.
13 W Main St
Middletown, Delaware
(302) 378-2811

Lucky’s Coffee Shop

Lucky’s will be featuring; Chef Rudy’s Caramel Cream Pie!
4003 Concord Pike
Wilmington, Delaware 19803
Phone (302) 477-0240

Papa’s Pastry

Papa’s will have s special for Pi Day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (3/13-15). They are offering a sweet and savory pie in two sizes 9″ ($12), and 6″ ($3.14)

600 N Union St
Wilmington, Delaware
(302) 777-0877



Serpe’s will take $3.14 off of whole pie purchases~ up to 4 pies per person.
1411 Kirkwood Hwy
Elsmere, Delaware
(302) 994-1868

piesSweet Somethings

Sweet Somethings will be offering a wide variety of both large and individual serving pies on Saturday. Varieties to include, but are not limited to, Key lime, white chocolate banana cream, chocolate, pecan, peanut butter, coconut cream, and white chocolate lemon pistachio.
1006 N Union St
Wilmington, Delaware
(302) 655-7211

Wear Pi

Show the world or as least your co-workers your enthusiasm for Pi Day by wearing a funny t-shirt.  You can find them online…search funny Pi Day t-shirts!

Untitled design (22)

Take a Pi Walk

Take a 3.14 mile walk

A Toast to Pi

Raise your glass and make a toast on 3.14.15 at 9:26:53

Pi Trivia

Test your co-workers or random folks on the street or on the bus to a little math trivia.  Just be sure you know the answers!