Get Fresh! 14 Local Farmers Markets

You Won’t Want to Miss! This time of the year, can you think of anything better than sinking your teeth into some scrumptious sweet corn on the cob or biting into a piece of refreshing and juicy watermelon or peaches?  We can’t either. So, we thought the most enticing approach would be to spotlight some of [...]

Services “Happening List 2015” Winners Announced

Your 8 Happening List "Services" Winners, Finalists and Nominees are just a click away. Roll out the BIG BLUE Carpet for The Most Happening in North Delaware, New Castle County, in SERVICES as voted by YOU.   Click through the category title links to view ALL Winners, Finalists and Nominees in each category. Congrats to [...]

Photo of the Week: Josephine Fountain

                          Josephine Fountain in Wilmington's Brandywine Park is full of spring sparkle. This is for certain a hidden treasure in North Delaware and one of our favorite spots during spring.

FREE & GREEN! Local Shredding & Recycling Events

Keep North Delaware Beautiful! The Delaware Solid Waste Authority(DSWA) hosts special recycling and collection events for Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) & Electronic Goods for Recycling (EGR) at different local locations this spring on Saturdays from Hockessin to Wilmington, Newark and Delaware City. Delaware residents can bring their HHW and EGR to the events FREE of Charge. All DSWA [...]

Peep These Easter Treats & Centerpieces

We’re talking about PEEP TREATS!  Are you looking for a fun and fabulous dessert to bring to the dinner table, your child’s school party or as an Easter gift for friends and family that will have them wondering, how does he/she do it? Well, we’ve got some ideas that will make you look like a [...]

Stop…Put Down the Rock Salt

A Couple of Reasons To Let the Snow Melt Naturally “Ice Melt” Is Killing Your Concrete Rock salt is seen as a savior to pedestrians and drivers traversing this North Delaware tundra - better known as “sidewalks”and “roads” in warmer months. But just as you may get frustrated with a driver who won't stop to [...]

Voting Heats Up: Finals Days of The 2015 Happening List

The 2015 Happening List heats up in the final days of voting. On Friday, February 20th the voting results view goes blind, meaning you can no longer see who is in the lead within each category and new nominations will no longer be accepted. Happening List Voting continues thru Saturday, February 28th, 11:59pm. One vote per category [...]

DIY If It Fits In The Car: Kitchen Island Redo

One non-negotiable on my “turning a house into a home list” was the desire to have a quaint eating space that could also double as a “lunch-making, holiday-cookie-rolling, do-your-homework, sit-and-gather-over-coffee” spot. After cramming odd-sized tables into a half-baked version of what I really wanted (and knowing most pre-manufactured kitchen islands were either out of my [...]

15 Super Fun Weekend Events

We have SUPER lineup for Friday, Jan. 30th – Sunday, Feb 1st. has the most happening events for adults, families and kids to fill up your weekend~ From Bruce in the USA to San Fermin and from Smokey Joe to Jack and the Beanstalk, rounding out the weekend with the Super Bowl and we're just [...]