Bunny Peeps Easter

We’re talking about PEEP TREATS!  Are you looking for a fun and fabulous dessert to bring to the dinner table, your child’s school party or as an Easter gift for friends and family that will have them wondering, how does he/she do it? Well, we’ve got some ideas that will make you look like a Rock Star.



Maybe you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece, colorful and whimsical? Try a delicous edible centerpiece made from, you guessed it, PEEPS~ just make sure the kids wait until after dinner to devour the decorations.

We’re sharing our favorite peep treat ideas with you.  Please feel free to share your peep treat ideas and pictures with us!


Peeps Cake M & M'sMake a cake or just go out and buy one and then have some fun decorating! A couple of packages of peeps, chocolate eggs, pastel sprinkles of all shapes and sizes and you’ll be set.



What do you need?Easter Cakes - Peeps

  • Ding Dongs
  • Shredded Coconut
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Green frosting
  • Peanut Butter Crackle M&M’s (or any “egg” like candy out right now)
  • Bunny Peeps
  • Toothpicks or straws/cake pop sticks cut down

How to make your mini Peep cakes:

  • Start by unwrapping your Ding Dongs.
  • Use the green food coloring to dye the coconut green – that makes your grass!
  • Use about a dime size of green frosting to coat the top of your Ding Dong.
  • Then add the shredded coconut on top – pat down a little to make sure it stays on.
  • To put the Peep on your mini cake, just use a toothpick or something similar. Insert one end into your Peep and the other end into the Ding Dong.
  • Dab a little bit of frosting onto your eggs and set on top of the Ding Dong.




Then consider dipping your peeps in a little melted chocolate and then sprinkles.  We’ve found that the chocolate ” bark” works great.



Who doesn’t love RICE KRISPIE TREATS?   Use the recipe on the box of Rice Krispies, divide & place rice krispie mix into muffin pan to form the nest (should make 15), and then top with the round pastel candy of your choice; jelly bean or M & M’s and top with a peep.  You will probably want to press them down a little to secure them.

EAEaster-Bunny-Peeps-RacecarsSTER BUNNY RACING CARS

Another fabulous low maintenence sweet treat that will make you look like a “rock star” amonst all the kids in the family.  All you need is; Large Marshmallows, cut horizontally, Bunny Peeps®, Mini pretzels, Twinkies or another Cream-Filled Cake of your choice, decorator icing, Frosting & Sprinkles.

Cut a small rectangle out of the top of the cream-filled cake about a third of the way back from the “front” of the car.  Use the white  decorator icing to adhere the bunny Peep®, mini pretzel “steering wheel” and large marshmallows in place.Use frosting and sprinkles to decorate your car.  Allow to set.


PEEPS FOR DECORATIONeaster peeps tree

Candy Cones

All you need; Styrofoam Cone: 9” x 5” cone, PEEPS: 20 – 22 blue; 18 purple; 10 green; and 2 yellow, (you pick your favorite colors),  Low temp glue gun (I’m going to test using toothpicks so that my “cone” will be edible)

Glue bunnies around cone in rows, starting at the bottom.  Continue working up and around the cone till it’s covered.  That’s it! (If you’re using chicks, glue down the bodies only and not the tails so that you can slightly overlap the next row and fill in some of the blank spots.)  Idea from craftsncoffee.com.

PEEPS and Flowers

Fill the bottom of a glass vase with chocolate easter eggs, M & M’s or grapes then add Bunny peeps and flowers…easy peasy!

easter centerpiece peeps