Enjoy our hyper-LOCAL coverage of everything INSPIRATIONAL in North Delaware, New Castle County.

Mover & Shaker 2015: Terrance Clark, Jr.

This millennial Mover & Shaker understands the strength in family, inspiring youth and paying it forward. Like a superhero, he’s dual powered – a “for profit” auto salesman by day and a “non-profit” philanthropist by night. Driven by a mission to empower, impact and inspire lives, he believes in the importance of preparing for the future by [...]

Movers & Shakers 2015: Nic DeCaire

This Mover & Shaker has officially cracked the code on “Build them and they will build you”. He’s one uplifting soul filled with positive spirit and creative energy that is without a doubt highly contagious throughout North Delaware. A devoted father & husband, 3rd generation entrepreneur, epic philanthropist and a visionary leader. We are thrilled to spotlight Newark’s own, Nic DeCaire as a Top [...]

Movers & Shakers 2015: Joe McDonough

This Mover & Shaker achieved triumph from personal tragedy. He’s moving boundaries locally, nationally and well beyond ALL in honor of his son, Andrew. What’s more, he’s probably the modest Mover & Shaker we’ve recognized yet. We are honored to spotlight Joe McDonough as a Top 10 North Delaware Mover & Shaker of 2015. […]

North Delaware’s Top 10 MOVERS & SHAKERS 2015

REVEALED! After many hours of difficult deliberation, the judges have voted. Here are North Delaware’s Top 10 Movers & Shakers of 2015! These LOCALS are making "IT" Happen in North Delaware and beyond - they are trend setters, innovators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, doers, believers and mentors - making a difference in our community each and every day. Plus, after two weeks of [...]

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List: 80 Ideas to Enjoy Fall

Love the changing colors, crisp weather and beautiful sunsets that Autumn delivers?  Crave the fall flavors, rich smells, riveting textures? If so, you  may enjoy our Ultimate Fall Bucket List, highlighting 80 of our favorite ways to take advantage of this beautiful season in and around North Delaware, New Castle County. The Ultimate Fall Bucket List is brought to you [...]

NOMINEES: Who Will Be North Delaware’s Top 10 Movers & Shakers 2015?

Here are the Nominees for the Top 10 2015 Movers & Shakers of North Delaware as nominated by you! These 27 New Castle County residents  are truly making a difference in our community and for some around the nation. Pushing through boundaries. Working towards a profound vision. Passionate about life, shaping the future and making [...]

What’s Happening for the Weekend?

2015 Summer Weekend Grand Finale(technically)! As summer closes and fall swiftly moves in, weekends offer more “Happenings” in North Delaware and slightly beyond than those before. Here’s our top picks for this grand weekend, Friday, Sept. 18th – Sunday, Sept. 20th including Pancakes, Hip Hop, Faeries, Cars, Dinosaurs, Mud Runs and more! NorthDelaWHEREhappening.com has the most happening mix of [...]

The Secret to Achieving Your New Fitness Goals

There’s no denying it: back-to-school season is most definitely upon us, promising cooler temps, carpools, and pumpkin-flavored everything. As the chaos of summer comes to an end, you may find yourself craving the structure of September and a new school year. Or you may not, but have no choice! Either way, it’s a great time to [...]

Keep Calm, The POPE Is Coming

Hunker down, North Delaware it may get a 'lil craaaaaaaaazy! We hope you know by now, the. POPE. is. coming. to. Philadelphia. September 26 and 27, 2015 for the spiritually momentous World Meeting of Families via Washington D.C. and New York City. The Papal visit is projecting nearly 1.5 Million visitors to the Phily area and you know [...]

National Spotlights: Experience New Castle County, Delaware

We #lovelocal and NorthDelaWHEREHappening.com adores when national media outlets spotlight the beauty and breadth of experience that our destination offers. There's a lot of positive NATIONAL press out there - be proud you settled in North Delaware. Check out these shout outs from National Geographic Traveler, Travel Channel, The History Channel, Discover America and CondeNast Traveler... just to [...]