Let’s face it, your average Tom, Dick and Harry will never be able to keep up with the quickness in which Apple upgrades and improves their coveted IPad , IPhone & all other “I” products. I thought I was pretty savvy when I broke down and entered the world of smart-phones. I waited & waited & felt totally satisfied with my “dumb” phone until she decided to retire.  So, I threw caution to the wind and made the plunge…I even bought it in White.  I was thinking for once I was above the curve, totally hip, right?

Then about a minute later they announced that the Apple IPone 4s was coming out and it has all these bells and whistles it practically does all your work for you! I just wonder what’s next. I can’t buy this! First of all, I’m still under contract with my month old phone and geeze next month something even better may come along? I think I’m going to hold out,I’m still learning how to use this 4g.  I’m also realistic & I know TONS of folks who waited in line and will always have what is the latest and greatest.

So, it goes without saying that “EVERYONE” on your gift list wants an IPhone 4s or the new IPad 2 and would probably promise to “be your best friend” if you got it for them for Christmas! Well, if that’s not in your budget, but you still want to make some best friends this Holiday Season or treat yourself to something fun, consider these amazing “I” accessories that will make any “I” version look pretty darn fancy.

Pop Phone Handset for the IPhone $35

The 80's Called and they want their phone back!

Slide-out Keyboard Case $74.99

For all your thick thumbed friends!

Joy Stick IT IPad Arcade Stick

Pac Man is back!

Keyboard for the IPad2 $99.99

When your thumbs just won't cut it!

 POPA IPhone
Camera Button $74.99

It's the little things!

Arcade Cabinet for the IPad $99.95

Good Times...

 Jack Pot

Not just for Grandmoms...

IPhone Photo
Print $159.99

Save a step; compatible with IPhone/ITouch/IPad as well as Android smartphones