fireworks in DeweyBOOM BOOM POW it’s 10 minutes of WOW!

Most people that take on new ventures start out small, ease their way in and grow as they go, but not the organizers of this years 1st Ever~ Dewey Beach Fireworks Show. These guys; Alex Pires and John Snow of the Highway One Group, are going for the World Record for the most fireworks detonated in 10 minutes, right out of the gate.  You read it right, there’s going to be 10 minutes of full blown fireworks instead of the usual 23 minute show.  It’s short, sweet and to the point with no need to wait anxiously for the finale to arrive~ THE ENTIRE 10 minutes will be FINALE Quality Fireworks.

 “Most fireworks kind of drag out, and we just didn’t want to do it [that way],” said Pires.

How many fireworks do you think they can set off  in a 10 minute time frame?

Currently, there’s no record to beat in the 10 minute category, but organizers have the 30 second record and the 60 minute record to get an idea of what is record worthy.  They’re just hoping that Guinness will create the “10 minute category” by certifying their efforts.  The Coast Guard and the State Fire Marshall are on board and ready to sign off on the application.

The firework and laser show will be done Bay-side from 3 of Highway One’s locations; Northbeach, Ivy and the Rusty Rudder @ approximately 9pm.  We suggest you figure out where you want to watch the show and make sure you get there early.  Organizers have been planning this for 5 months and attendance expectations are “through the roof”.

“I think it’s going to be pretty crazy around here,” said Snow. “People have been talking about it for a long time.”

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