How do I nominate a business for The Happening List?

Simply fill out this brief form to nominate a business for any of The Happening List categories.

Can I print materials to announce I’m nominated on the Happening List or add a link to the Happening List on my website?

Yes. You can print or load this predesigned badge for your website.



How does voting work?

Voting is done 100% by the public. Voters will need to provide an email address. If that email address is found to be invalid, the vote will not be counted. One vote per email address. One vote per email address.

Here is more info about our audit process:
We take our job seriously.

In order to ensure fairness and accuracy in The Happening List competition, an extensive audit process is in place while tabulating the results. Please see below for a basic overview:

  1. All voters are required to provide email addresses at the time of their vote. Ballots are programmed to count only 1 vote per email address.
  2. When the vote is cast, the system will send an email to that email address to validate the vote. Within that email, the owner of the email will have the ability to click a link and indicate if a vote was cast without their permission.
  3. At the conclusion of the contest, Happenings Media performs an extensive check of all email addresses, which takes several weeks. Invalid email addresses, email addresses created temporarily for the purpose of voting, disposable email addresses, role emails and Facebook email addresses are not accepted and will be removed during the audit process.
  4. Invalid email addresses are disqualified. An additional IP address audit and other more advanced means are are used as well.
  5. Once accuracy of all of the voters’ email addresses has been established, Happenings Media calculates the final results.

View the Rules & Regulations of the Happening List, Click here.

Are Facebook email addresses valid?

Facebook’s email addresses are NOT valid and will be removed during the audit process.

What happened to the voting results? I can’t see them any more!

The results will “go blind” during the final week of competition as the audit process begins. All votes received during that period will still count.

When does voting end? 

Voting ends at midnight on March 3, 2017.  Following that, there will be a brief audit period.

Key Contest Dates

01/09/2017 Nominations Open
01/23/2017 Voting opens
02/06/2017 Nominations Close
02/24/2017 Blind voting period begins, nominations close
3/3/2017 Voting Closes at midnight
Once voting closes, an audit period lasting several weeks will take place.  



When will the winners be announced?

The Top Winners of each category will be announced on this website according to the resuults release schedule below. The Happening List winners will remain listed for the entire year.  Winners & finalists will also be able to receive an official Happening List award.

2017 Happening List Results Schedule


How do we promote our Win or Finalist results?

Yes. You can print or load this predesigned badge for your website or to share on social media. You can also share the custom link to the category you won by copying the link and pasting in to your social media post.

How do we order signs, banners, magnets, posters, etc promoting our Win or Finalist results?

Yes we have lots of custom options for you to order custom promotional materials.


When or How do we receive our Happening List Award(s)?

Purchase tickets to attend the Happening List Blue Carpet (date and place TBD).  Stay tuned for more details! If you are unable to attend the Bash, winners and finalists will be contacted after the event.