She’s the one empowering teens and youth to build a brighter future for themselves.Lenore-Luca-Hat

Finally, an interactive workshop for teens, hosted by teen entrepreneur~Lenore Luca, author of  “How to be a Teen on the Move”.  Her two hour talk covers real life stuff like bullying, building confidence, how to make dreams come true,  taking responsibility for and the consequences of their life choices.  This workshop is not only perfect for teens that have a hard time talking to their parents, but it’s beneficial for parents who just don’t have a clue what it’s like to be a teenager in today’s world.

Lenore LucaLenore’s dynamic personality connects her with youth and teens everywhere while educating them in a fun and enthusiastic manner.

We were really excited to hear about Lenore’s event at the Bellevue Community Center on March 22nd, because we realize that motivational events for the 12-19 year old age range are few and far between and that’s the age that needs the most support!  Lenore’s resume is pretty impressive:  creator and personality of the hit Internet radio show Teen Groove On The Move,  an Author of the self -esteem book “How To Be A Teen on The Move”motivational speaker empowering her peers, teaming up with her brother Joseph Luca to host the HOT new TV series, Keeping Up With Cool! on  And, recently she became a voice and face of the anti-bullying Reality Dance Jam Tour.

She sounds like a pretty good peer role model…wouldn’t you say?

Catch a Glimpse…

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Who Is She…?Lenore-Luca-Banner

Lenore lives in New Jersey where she studies Broadcasting at Montclair State University. She is proud to say she has been blessed by having parents and brothers who have always encouraged her to follow her dreams. At an early age Lenore had the desire to succeed and help others which have contributed to the choices she’s made in her life. She continues to prove when you put your heart into something, great 1922223_298008457013107_2119738582_nthings can happen. She began her quest to empower her peers when she was 16 years old. After an internship at Goom Radio working for recognized radio host Zach Sang Lenore’s passion for broadcasting was sparked. With determination and gusto she became the brainchild and on-air personality of the hit Internet radio show Teen Groove on The Move which continues to afford her the opportunity to interview compelling guests and aspiring teens. It also acts as a forum or teens and youth to discuss topics important to their generation. One year later Lenore published a debut issue of the Teen Groove On The Move magazine hoping to inspire her peers. After receiving great feedback and receiving calls from teens going through peer pressure and obstacles Lenore pledged to help youth everywhere to build a better future for themselves. With a passion to reach out and touch others, her contagious smile and her attitude balanced, she started speaking to youth inspiring everyone who listened to her. Now she is a sought after motivational speaker travelling the nation presenting empowering leadership and entrepreneurial workshops at schools, libraries and community centers. She talks to groups ranging in age from 10 to 22 and has an innate ability to draw them out, put them at ease and let them freely speak their minds. She guides them to push past rejection and self esteem issues while taking action toward accomplishing what makes them happy on their road to living a better life. At age 18 she wrote her first book How To Be A Teen On The move which offers teens a simple yet effective guide to becoming better citizens, sons and daughters. Through activities Lenore encourages teens and youth to take responsibility for their lives and believe in their ability to achieve their goals.Teen-On-The-Move-Lenore-Luca

Most recently Lenore collaborated with Disney VP Gary Kleinman and became the producer and face of the web TV series Keeping Up With Cool. She brought her brother Joseph, another teen mentor, in as co-host of the show that has been getting a lot of attention because of the topics they discuss including what’s hot/what’s not, confidence and becoming leaders for their generation. The show also has a wide variety of guests who visit their studio making for a good fun show. Lenore has volunteered for Covenant house raising awareness and funds for homeless teens. She is the vivacious MC Personality and Awards Announcer responsible for engaging thousands at the NJ Men’s Gymnastics State and Regional Championships.

Articles about Lenore have appeared in newspapers, magazines and online sites including Spark & Hustle, Asbury Park Press and Young & Fabulous. Her voice has been heard on numerous radio stations including 92.7 WGMD FM, WCTC 1450 AM W/ BERT BARON, and KTOK Oklahoma City. Most recently she has been a featured guest on Television News stations including Fox, NBC Late Morning News and ABC Channel 7 with Ken Rosato. As the script to Lenore’s life continues to unfold she will continue to be inspired by love, confidence and goals that will keep her on a journey she will again write about. Lenore Luca is an entrepreneur, inspiration, talent and role model out to enjoy life and be a service to the world she is so proud to be a part of.

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