newark nationals logoYay!  We’re off to Williamsport!!!

For only the second time in Delaware history, a local team is representing the First State in the Little League World Series.  After winning the State Championship for three years in a row,

Newark National Little League

won the Mid-Atlantic title and will play their first game against Midwest Champions Iowa on Friday at 8:00 p.m.

Yay!  We’re inWilliamsport!!!

Since arriving in Williamsport from their regional championship win in Bristol, Connecticut, the team has spent time getting to know their Japanese dorm mates as well as players from other teams, trading pins and other Delaware souvenirs, attending the Little League World Series picnic at Penn College, meeting Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry, participating in the parade and giving autographs.  All of the fun has been squeezed in while also having  taken, filming promotional commercials and Oh, yes … practicing some baseball.MidAtlantic-WIN

Yay!  We’re still in Williamsport!!!

As the team gears up for their first game on Friday, their parents and the league have been busy raising money to support the team on their journey in Williamsport.  It’s an exciting, yet financially burdensome experience for the League and families involved.  Parents have taken vacation and unpaid time from work, charged food and hotels to credit cards and canceled vacations to be with their children.  Little League International generously covers the players during the Regional and World Series Tournaments, but the families are on their own.  The team anticipates that expenses will total $3,000 – $5,000 per family as a result of both tournaments.newark nationals

Because of this, the community has rallied to support the team and their families.  Newark National Mid-Atlantic Championship t-shirts are being sold for $10 each at Modell’s and at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $20 each.  All proceeds from the sales of the shirts will go directly back to the league to help defray costs.

On Friday night the league will be hosting a viewing party at Timothy’s Restaurant in Newark with the restaurant donating 15% of the night’s profits to the league.  There will also be an auction with prizes from several local business as well as a donation of Phillies tickets from Modell’s.

The News Journal has provided a cheer card that you can print out … just go to the Delawareonline Facebook page to get your copy!Go Delaware

If you have ever played Little League, coached Little League, have a son or daughter who played Little League, or just enjoyed the Little League experience, please support the team and help the players and their family’s dreams come true.

Congratulations to Newark National Little League, their coaches and team, as they continue their path to the Little League World Series title!


Written by Kirsten O’Quinn, Newark National Little League Parent