BUILD UP TO INDY ~ Change is a constant… and MY how times are a changing! Christmas starts at Halloween…Valentine’s Day starts at Christmas and NOW Superbowl commercials air a week before the BIG GAME? What’s next…is the Easter Bunny coming to New Year’s Eve? We ask…is anything sacred or surprising anymore?

And no…We are not confused with FUTBOL…the DB photo is a teaser for 2012 SUPER BOWL XLVI Ads.  We’ve got a pretty creative mix coming our way this Sunday – interactive, teasers, sexiest, virgins, etc. Here’s our NDH low down on the Superbowl Commercial line-up for 2012…

Super Bowl XLVI – SUNDAY Feb. 5th ~ NY Giants vs. New England Patriots, 6:30 p.m., NBC

  • Lexus – 1st time ever premier – The Virgin!
  • H&M – David Beckham(rated the sexiest man on the planet) Bodywear airs in the 2nd Quarter to Oh Lord…Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood!

  • Pepsi – Melanie Amaro won the ‘The X Factor’ & with it came a Pepsi commercial…& The ‘Check-Out’ ad developed to extend the legendary cola wars
  • Anheuser-Busch – old faithful winner — At a total of 4 1/2 minutes of time purchased, AB is still one of, if not the largest Super Bowl sponsor with a  major push on their new Bud Light Platinum.
  • – A Striptease perhaps? This year hosted by NASCAR’s Danica Patrick and celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels… yet another that we won’t get to see…except online? Shocker!

  • Doritos – Viewer PRE-Vote
  • Skechers – Kim Kardashian or Mr. Quigley Does Dog Racing?
  • E-Trade  Best Man The babies take the show once again & it is wedding season after all?

  • Best Buy – is not drowning…they’re in!
  • Coca-Cola is trying something totally new this year. At, you can watch the animated polar bears react to the game, the commercials, & the halftime show. There will also be Coke execs on hand during the game to choose which of 2 different commercials to air. Should be interesting & fun!