Electronic cigarettes have been a hot topic and a growing trend since their release on the market in 2007. With the advent of smoking vapor, it became easy for people to smoke anywhere. Deemed by the public as a healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are designed to mimic real cigarettes by vaporizing nicotine based liquids. The user inhales as they would a cigarette, and exhales a steamed vapor.

When e-cigarettes first hit the market, there were little to limitations regarding where they could be used. This caused a number of issues amongst the general public. One, no one knew what kind of damage the vapor was causing the user or those surrounding the user, making it a public health concern. More importantly, people began smoking e-cigarettes everywhere, causing confusion amongst regular cigarette smokers as to where they were and weren’t allowed to smoke.

Many people were hesitant about the idea of electronic cigarettes due to the lack of studies that scientists have conducted on them. The advent of the e-cigarette introduced young people in Delaware to an alternative, more convenient way of smoking. With smoking growing in popularity, particularly among those under the age of 18, many retailers have increased measures to eliminate sales to minors.

In 2002, Delaware’s Clean Indoor Air Act had determined that 3 out of every 4 people in Delaware did not smoke. To maintain the health of non-smokers, smokers were confined to smoking outdoors or in designated areas.

Now, as of July 3, 2014, the American Non-Smokers Rights Foundation stated laws regulating e-cigarettes:

“Tobacco use, including use of e-cigarettes and hookahs, prohibited in all State workplaces, including all buildings, facilities, indoor and outdoor spaces and surrounding grounds, as well as parking lots and state vehicles operated on State workplace property.”

Those refusing to abide by the law can be charged fines of up to $1,000. If you are a smoker in the Delaware area, make yourself familiar with the laws surrounding e-cigarettes.

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