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Red or White the choice will be theirs.  ONE bottle each month to share.  Hmmm well,  that’s up to them!

At Franks Wine & Spirits on Union Street in Wilmington you pay an Annual Membership of $149.99  to be in “Clubvino”.  Members get to choose one bottle of red or white each month.  Another membership advantage is the 25% Discount you get if you purchase additional bottles of that wine throughout the month.

All in all you’ll be saving your “TRUE LOVE” lots of money over the course of a year . You’ll also be giving them the opportunity to sample  many wines they may otherwise not.  The wines included with the membership range in value from $14.99 to $29.99. Wines will consist of new vintages, allocated wines, and special release library selections.franks Wine and Spirits Logo



Twelve months of just about anything sounds great me.  Cheese, meat, fruit, beer, nuts, you name it, there’s a “___ of the month club” out there.

We are big fans of  the SHOP SMALL/SHOP LOCAL philosphy and would highly encourage you to research your local area for your specific desire.  Please share with us any other “____ of the month clubs” you find available in our area.  We’ll gladly give them a shout-out!