Doesn’t it feel like Brandt Snedeker 20 footer-Golf-Trip-tipsthe summer of 2012 was a long, long, time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

It’s hard to believe but the 2013 golf season is finally upon us!  This past winter provided very little opportunity to escape for a round or two with its cold and damp weather.  Alas, fellow duffers the weather has finally broken and spring-like temperatures are rolling in, just like Brandt Snedeker 20 footer…


While adding sheer enjoyment to your round.


Tip #1 – ExerciseExercise-GOLF-Push-Ups-The-first-TEE

Yes, that dreaded word that most of us ignore – E x e r c i s e.  Even though another winter has passed without getting to the gym, I’ve included a few simple exercises that you can do right from the very comfort of your own home sweet home.  These will allow you to hit the ball further and maintain stamina, while on the course (and even off the course).

  •  Push-ups: to strengthen your shoulders, triceps and lats
  •  Planks: to strengthen your core
  •  Bike: to assist with your cardio, while strengthening your legs and glutes (I prefer this exercise to running, since it has less impact on the knees.)

Tip #2 – Equipmentfirst-tee-program-golf-love

I know, I know, a $400 driver or $900 set of irons may be too much to spend, but there are great alternatives.  Most 2 and 3 year old drivers and sets are available in your nearby golf stores.  Most stores have used sections typically with a wide selection at a significant price reduction.  So donate your old persimmon driver and forged clubs to the First Tee Program (great tax write off for next year) while getting the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of new technology! Pay it forward…learn more about the First Tee Program here.

driving-range-golf-trip-prep-tipsTip# 3 Practice Range

Look, I understand that most of you with time-consuming jobs, spouses and/or kids, struggle to get in a 4 hour round of golf during the month, let alone once a week.   A great alternative is hitting the golf range for a healthy alternative to lunch or after work with the whole family or co-workers!  This will keep you sharp for when you can escape to tee it up.


Tip #4 So Many Courses, So Little Timelion_s_paw_myrtle_beach_golf_courses-variety

I happen to believe this is the most underrated way to improve your game – variety is the spice of life, right?  When playing different layouts on a weekly or monthly basis, you learn to hit different shots in a multitude of different conditions.  You will soon realize which part of your game needs help and quickly. Don’t underestimate variety.



Here’s to better scoring and more enjoyment

on and around the course in 2013 and remember…

May The Course Be With You…Always!


Vincent_Hackers&Hookers Tourney-GOLFContributing Writer – Vincent Fiorelli {handicap 6} is a 44 year resident of North Delaware, avid golfer, Contributing Writer and a dear friend to the NDH team. A sales & marketer by day and a GOLF enthusiast by night & weekend. He’s been playing for 29 years (still awaiting his first hole-in-one.).  He worked in the 1990’s in the pro shop of Pike Creek Golf Course (3 Little Bakers).  Vincent’s lowest round for 18 holes is 71 at Deerfield Golf Course and Country Club in Newark and lowest round for 9 holes is 33 at PGA Country Club in Port St. Lucie, FL.  He’s played courses in: DE,PA,MD,NJ,NC,SC,GA,FL,TX. He’s our official NDH GO TO Golf Guy.