Every year, thousands of women across the country spend months overworking and under-nourishing their bodies to achieve the ever-elusive “perfect bikini body.” I would be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t strive to be healthy. It feels great to eat a balanced diet and I’ve grown to love working out!  The problem is that we should all do these things to feel good and take care of ourselves, not to fit into a skimpy string bikini.

I’m going to let you in on a few secrets known by the rare, amazing ladies with healthy body images.  After talking to a handful of these wise women, I took some advice and I have never been more ready to hit the beach!

Secret #1:  If you want to look gorgeous in your bathing suit, learn to love every birthmark, inch, and curve of your body. While it may be difficult to accept at first, once you master this, you will look and feel hotter than you ever thought imaginable. Only a confident woman who loves her body exudes that sexy quality that makes the men swoon.

Secret #2: Unless you are Sofia Vergara, all eyes are not on you. It may take some adjusting to, but taking off that cover up doesn’t require any sly maneuvers; just a smile.

Secret #3: There are flattering bathing suits for every body type. You just have to learn what works for you.


  • For larger chests, opt for extra support, just like you would in a bra. Straps can also work in your favor too~aim for thickercut-out-black-bathing-suit straps or the cute ones that cross in the back. Straps that do both are super cute and offer better back support and helps accentuateand your perfect cleavage!
  • If you are like me and more comfortable hiding your tummy, one-pieces are more fun and sexy than ever this year. Go for one with details reminiscent of lingerie, like a corset. If you want something a bit more conservative, try a suit that is busy with a small print for an optical illusion. And don’t forget, ruching is your friend!
  • Corsets can also add some va-va-voom to smaller chested ladies in a brightly colored two piece. Two-pieces usually work better, but make sure the top has molded cups or padding.
  • Have a muscular, sporty physique? There are plenty of suits that up the feminine details- try flower details, eyelet fabric, or my personal favorite, ruffles!
  • So many of us want to hide our thighs and bums, but once again, there are bathing suits designed to flatter, not hide, these parts. Slip on a one-piece or tankini featuring a fun pattern up top and a solid, dark on the bottom; or be a super stylist and choose one with cut outs a few inches above your belly button.  Just think about how amazing Beyonce looks in her bikinis that tie on the side!
  • Remember the cardinal rule: always wear the right size for your body!

Pretty Girl with Hat and ShadesBefore you run out the door, you can’t forget about your accessories! Sunglasses are always a must on the beach. Make sure they protect your eyes from those harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays; which are even more dangerous at the beach when they reflect off of the water and sand! You want to buy quality sunglasses that are UVA and UVB protected (it should say so on the lens).  Hats are also in style these days try a Fedora or Cow girl hat and that will protect your scalp as well as your face.

The most important accessory for any day you spend in the sun is sunscreen! This year the FDA required all sunscreens to have clear labels with more thorough instructions. Make sure you follow them whether you burn or not. No one wants melanoma or leathery skin! Isn’t sunburn painful enough?  Hey, don’t forget your protective lip balm!

You are officially ready for some outdoor fun! Now it’s time to relax in your fave beach chair, catch up on your reading, play in the sand & surf, and look phenomenal at the same time!

by Allison Riney