grilled salmonThe weather is just right for firing up the grill! But, do you have the grill skills it takes to cook that tricky little Salmon? More often than not, Salmon is overcooked. When it’s overcooked, it tastes dry and fishy. That’s the main reason why people who don’t like Salmon, say they don’t like Salmon…it tastes too dang FISHY! Root cause: overcooked. Salmon should always taste light and fresh. So we decided to call in an expert for the proper technique to grill Salmon. Before you give up on this ultra-healthy fish, give a listen to what Sherm has to say!

Super tips/recipes for grilling the perfect salmon, compliments of Sherm Porter of Sherm’s Catering.

Perfectly Grilled Salmon

  1. Start out with a fresh filet of Salmon. Sherm suggests using George & Sons’ Seafood Market in Hockessin “they have the best”
  2. Season your filet ~ sprinkle salt, cracked pepper and a touch of JO Crab Seasoning. A little goes a long way!
  3. Leave the skin on
  4. Spray the grill with Pam or Canola Spray (so it won’t stick to the grill)
  5. Place the Salmon on the grill with the skin side down
  6. Once the Salmon changes color to pink, it’s time to flip it over on to the flesh side
  7. Leave it on the flesh side for ONE minute.
  8. Then turn the Salmon 45 degrees rotationally to get the grill marks
  9. Do this turn twice(step 8 above)
  10. Then flip the Salmon back to the skin side

When cooking Salmon, its fleshy, so when the white stuff (fat) permeates (sweats) from every line in the salmon, it’s done.  Take it off the grill and let it rest for about 3-5 minutes. It will finishing cooking to perfection.

Your salmon is done.

sherms-catering-b1Chef ShermAbout Chef Sherm

Sherm (Michael Porter) has a true passion for cooking and food and loves the look on people’s faces when they enjoy his food.

In 1991, Sherm began his career in the restaurant business as a waiter. He moved up to managing and cooking. After a few years serving in the military, he returned to the restaurant business. His one true passion has always been serving his customers with a great dining experience. He never lost sight of his passion for fine dining and wanted to step beyond the kitchen to create memorable experiences for people.

ndh-2014-winner-badgeThe Happening List 2015 WinnerBefore he created his first dish, he vowed to only use the freshest ingredients and prepare each dish with an infusion of passion and creativity. Critics have been raving ever since and guests agree – Sherm’s Catering is Delaware’s best! Voted Most Happening WINNER of The Happening List 2014 & 2015: Wedding: Caterer. The Happening List is the only people’s choice awards centric to New Castle County, North Delaware.

   grilled salmon

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