What or Who do you plan to be for Halloween?

It’s not that difficult of a question, right?  Then why can’t I decide, it’s not a life changing decision I’m making here? Why, on LOOP DAY, do I end  up running frantically from store to store for ideas wishing that I had more time to make something?  Darn, I should’ve bought the last wig on the shelf?  What was that costume I was in hysterics over last year?  I wish I could remember, why didn’t I write it down?

Does anyone else out there do the same thing?

For me, the pressure comes from knowing that this is the one day of the year that I can be whatever I want, I can live out a fantasy if I want & no one will be judging me!   I want to have a costume that people will talk about; creative, fun and interesting.  I need…

HELP…after all that fussing, I usually end up in one of those “this is my costume”  T-shirts. >

Sexy Tootsie Roll, Sexy Tiger, Sexy Black Swan, Sexy Cop, Sexy Fireman…what do all these costumes have in common?  You guessed it, they’re all SEXY!  You better be prepared to show some cleavage and some leg.  I’m not really interested in revealing all this good stuff to everyone.


Looking for a creative costume, any suggestions?  Store bought or home-made I need your help.  Send me your idea of the perfect costume and the winning picture will recieve Two(2) Wristbands to the  Halloween LOOP in Wilmington on Saturday, October 27th.