the middle-happening listHere we are in The Middle and boy do we have one Heck of halftime show for ya! So Exciting! The second half of the 1st Annual North Delaware Happening Happening List competition is heating up with loads of happening competition abound. Businesses, People, Events, and Services are going head to head in 180 categories, to be named “The MOST Happening in North Delaware”. Your VOTE is what’s making it all Happen! #happlist

Congratulations to all the Nominees!

(Let the cheering begin)

The public polls opened on January 16th and votes have been pouring in, as well as new nominations every day. Voting will remain open until midnight of February 28th and Nominations will close February 21st – so be sure to share and shout out about your favorite nominees with friends, family and co-workers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and word of mouth. You can even print flyers and post. Your enthusiasm will help us recognize The MOST HAPPENING in North Delaware(New Castle County) all while supporting LOCAL businesses, people, events and services. This is the only peoples choice competition that is centric to NORTH DELAWARE.  As you know, LOCAL is the heart of – our very existence is based on the power of everything LOCAL.

Love your LOCAL and it will love you back.


As of Feb 10, 2014, the Top 20 most popular VOTING categories are:


  1. Kids: Dance Studio
  2. Kids: Children’s Entertainment 
  3. People: Bartender
  4. Food & Drink: Bakery
  5. Wedding: DJ
  6. Wedding: Wedding Planner
  7. Food & Drink: Beer Bar
  8. Everything North DelaWHERE: Business Chamber or Networking Group
  9. Food & Drink: Italian
  10. For the Home: Home Improvement
  11. Food & Drink: Specialty Cake Design
  12. Wedding: Videographer
  13. Everything North DelaWHERE: Fundraiser
  14. Beauty & Wellness: Massage
  15. People: Artist
  16. Food & Drink: Pizza
  17. Food & Drink: Dessert
  18. Retail: Antique & Vintage
  19. People: Photographer
  20. Beauty & Wellness: Makeup


For all those categories that are getting less voting action, please visit and show all these  happening nominees some LOCAL love – vote and/or nominate for your FAVs before it’s too late. Nominations close February 21st. Voting ends February 28th. Voting only takes a minute. Note there’s one vote per email account, per category. Let’s honor the Most Happening People, Places, Events, Businesses, and Services in North Delaware. These are after all, like you, what make us proud to be a part of North Delaware!


Here are the 11 Overall Groups from which to VOTE:

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Announcing-2014-happening-list-competition-North-DelawareHEY NOMINEES!

If you’re a nominee in the 2014 Happening List be sure to post and share the North Delaware Voting Badges and Flyers so supporters know you seek their votes. You can also feature your business in the NDH digital magazine via Happening List Sponsorships, be a 2014 Blue Carpet Happening List Bash Exhibitor or other advertorial methods.

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