Do your part to stop water pollution and help a New Castle County school. Take the New Castle County “Great Schools, Clean Streams” can your grease pledge today! 

The 10 New Castle County schools with the most pledges will win gift certificates worth up to $1,300 to pay for educational projects and classroom materials.

This project is supported by the New Castle County Department of Special Services. Working together with local schools, they hope to encourage residents to “can the grease” to protect the sewer system, reduce water pollution, and help you avoid having to call the plumber.

How to Pledge

Just visit before the pledge drive ends Friday, May 22nd and pledge to put your used cooking grease in the trash, not down the drain. Participating is easy, it takes just three minutes of your time.

Making Progress

Thanks to you and many others like you, as of May 18th we’ve collected more than 1,600 pledges on behalf of more than 60 schools already. And the pledges keep rolling in. As you know, the top 10 schools will win gift certificates for educational supplies worth up to $1300.

As of 6:00 p.m. on May 18, here are the top three pledge getters (sofar) in each category:

Public and Charter Schools
* Odyssey Charter School, 428 pledges
* Linden Hill Elementary, 138 pledges
* Mount Pleasant Elementary, 137 pledges

Private Schools
* Sanford School, 218 pledges
* Caravel Academy, 129 pledges
* The Tatnall School, 59 pledges

It takes just three minutes to make a pledge that helps our school and cleans up streams.

So why wait? Visit today.

Thank you!!