Inside they’re all the same!

We’re talking yummy marshmallowy goodness.  Looking for a recipe?  Want to join a fan club?  Interested in Peep Art?  Do you wonder how peeps react to heat & cold? Believe it or not there’s a web-site dedicated to doing research on peeps.  The Washington Post even hosts a Peeps Diorama Contest with over 1,ooo amazing entries.

The Winner of the Washington Post's Diorama Contest

We haven’t even scratched the surface of this Peeps Craze.  In honor of Peeps week, tons of fabulous decorating ideas & recipes are being posted on Pinterest & various other social media sites and blogs to help  make your Easter unforgettable.  You could even host a Diorama Contest of your own!

If you’re looking for some “Out of the Box” Easter presents for your friends or family?  You can go directly to the source at for a variety of goodies from baby bibs to baseball hats.










So many recipes, so little time!  If you’ve got peeps, then you’ve got options.  Look at these cute Easter dessert ideas & find the recipes on   They even have free coloring pages you can print out for the kids.  Perfect when you need them to mellow out at the end of the day.

Peeps Cakes



Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Peep


Peeps + Sushi= Peepshi