Prodigal…The Movie @

Rating: NR

Showdates: Feb 23

Showtimes: 7pm

Length (in minutes): 34

Tickets: $20


This film comes to you from the minds of five young guys who wrote a script about their life stories and combined their stories together to tell one full story of a family unit in Wilmington living out real issues and circumstances.

Post party sponsored by Chick-Fil-A at Theatre N.

Presented by the Make A Film Foundation, YFC DE and An Angel.  Please click more to learn more about the Make a Film Foundation, a wonderful organization that  teams film industry professionals with children who have been diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening medical condition in order to help them create short films legacies.


The Make A Film Foundation provides an opportunity for  young people diagnosed with critical or terminal illness to use the  media as a powerful tool for self-expression and communication by  creating five-minute film legacies.Pairing participants with noted  directors, writers, actors and producer mentors, Make A Film Foundation  provides them with the tools, resources and guidance to reclaim the  media and give them a voice.

Young people facing illness and long-term hospitalization naturally  feel marginalized from the world. Many spend vast amounts of time  watching television, experiencing realities they may never share. Make  a Film Foundation provides these young people an opportunity to reclaim  the media as a tool for creative expression and personal empowerment.  At Make a Film Foundation we believe that creativity and  self-expression are innately therapeutic.

What happens in situations where no one can provide reasonable  explanations? When young people are struck by critical illness, their  ability to engage in a full range of childhood or adolescent  experiences is sharply curtailed. We can furnish information about the  workings of the body, or the effects of medicine. The truth, however,  is that there are no simple explanations as to why one young person’s  life is drastically altered by illness while another’s is not, why  medicine may or may not work, or what the future actually holds.

For a critically ill child or teen, in all reality the best we can do  is help them discover a sense of meaning or purpose. Make a Film  Foundation will help young people facing illness use their dreams and  imagination to explore and give voice to answers that no one else can  offer. Make a Film Foundation demonstrates that within every young  person, no matter how ill, there is power; power to create beauty and  meaning out of seemingly senseless situations, to speak with a strong  voice, and most importantly to grasp the dream of a bright future and  always keep it insight as their journey unfolds.