Holiday Hangover RemediesDid you ever wake up with a headache and nausea chanting,”I’m never drinking again!”? It seems like a reasonable plan until the hangover wears off. The misery you endured is quickly forgotten when you are handed that glass of Champagne, craft beer or the signature cocktail that you just HAVE to try! What’s the harm in toasting to the New Year with friends and family?

The trick is figuring out how to enjoy a bit of the bubbly without feeling like you got hit over the head with a bat in the morning. Some have tried and true remedies for the Hangover and others are still searching for the cure. How about you? Have you figured out what works for you?

Here are some of our favorite holiday hangover remedies…

7 Rumored Remedies to Cure Your Holiday Hangover


Trade Your Cocktail for a Mocktail

Hahaha, now that’s just crazy talk, right? For some, it’s hard to say no when there’s nothing holding you back- you’re a healthy 21+ year old with an UBER app on your phone and your designated driver is just a few taps or phone call away. What do you have to lose?

There’s nothing wrong with refraining from alcohol and it doesn’t have to be boring. Try something FANCY, like this apple cider and club soda Mocktail.

See a list of safe eiswa options available in North Delaware.Mocktails - hangover

Water, Water and more Water

Consume H20 before, during and after a night of drinking.

Dehydration is the #1 reason for a hangover. So make sure your body is hydrated from the start. During the party, your cocktail to water ratio should be 1/1 – drink-water-drink-water-drink-water…you get the idea? We hear also before you go to bed that chasing down a multivitamin with 32 oz of water will make you feel bright eyed and chipper the next day (at least this works for one of our readers).

We even heard that eating a cucumber before you go to bed will do the trick.

hangover remedy - water
Hair of the Dog

This really is not a cure, but a method for prolonging the agony. If you insist on continuing the party the next day, a Bloody Mary will be your best friend; it’s loaded with nutrients and electrolytes.

 hangover remedies


Replace Electrolytes

There’s that word again… Electrolytes. They can be found in power drinks like Gatorade, and Pedialyte~ it’s not just for kids. Pedialyte is a mother’s go-to for sick children. It has less carbs then Gatorade (for those watching their carbs) and is a great source to replenish those electrolytes. Try Pedialyte popsicles. We heard they are “DA Bomb” for getting rid of that pounding in your head.

hangover remedy - pedialyte

Greasy Eats

Not sure if there any real science benefit to this, but we’ve noticed that the hottest BRUNCH spots are packed with last nights party-goers – coincidence? Try a yummy cheesesteak or an omelette, fried potatoes and lots of B-A-C-O-N to soak up the alcohol.

Tell us, what is your hangover food?hangover remedy - cheesesteak

Dip in the Ocean

A dip in the ocean is the cure for just about everything! The fact that the ocean is roughly 80 miles away and that it is pretty cold sort of makes this a crazy idea~ don’t fret, dive in a pool! It’s not quite the same as the ocean, but just jumping in the water will make you feel invigorated. The YMCA and other health facilities have indoor pools, trust us, it will do wonders.

polar bear plunge rehoboth

Sleep it OFF

Along with water, sleep is best…plus it’s less fattening. hangover remedy - sleeping