Hail A Cab - taxi or sedan service in delaware‘Tis the season. You make a dinner reservation, schedule a baby sitter, etc – why not UBER It or Hail a Taxi. It’s easy to get comfortable and relaxed with all the great company surrounding you this season – mix that with alcohol and it’s time to hail a cab or this year UBER it.  If the piggyback, MOM TAXI or sober driver aren’t an option for your door-to-door service, then bookmark this page and remember a sober and safe ride home is always just a phone call away(dialing under the influence is still legal – but we do NOT recommend it either).

Below we have collected a group of recommended services as well as a Guide to a Safe & Sober Holiday Season with Mocktail ideas provided by the Delaware Office of Highway Safety.  Please don’t drink and drive. #ArriveAliveDE



UBER DELAWAREUBER IT in most of New Castle County! Whether you’re headed to work, the airport, or out on the town, the Uber app connects you with a reliable ride – from low-cost to premium – in minutes. Payment is automatic through the app and fares are usually cheaper than a taxi. If you haven’t tried it yet, ’tis the season.

What’s more — now through January 1, 2016, Uber will donate $10 to MADD for every ride home purchased through UberEVENTS+MADD. UberEVENTS is the self-service solution that lets party hosts purchase Uber rides for their guests. Guests who take a ride home through UberEVENTS+MADD instead of getting behind the wheel will not only be making a smart choice for their cities and streets, they’ll also be supporting MADD’s important work to end drunk driving and aid victims and survivors.

Learn more or download the app, visit www.uber.com

Hail A Cab options in North Delaware

AT YOUR SERVICEtext taxi to 99000 DELAWARE

Prefer the traditional, we’ve got those recommendations too.


Yellow Cab (302) 656-8151
Delaware Coach, LLC (302) 287-4300
Delaware Concierge Taxi, LLC (302) 602-2222

New Castle

Beolla Transportation, Inc. (302) 333-1838
Castle Taxi, LLC (302) 256-4602


Champion Transportation Services (302) 383-4706
Charles Taxi, Inc. (302) 981-8767
Checker Transportation LLC. (302) 883-9330
Noni Taxi Cab, Inc. (302) 897-8915
Eagle Taxi Cab, Inc. (302) 397-1568
Abe Taxi (302) 419-8222


Tipping: Cabbies & Sedan Services are in the service industry –  and drivers, like most service workers — depend largely on gratuities for income. Think as you would a waiter in a restaurant: 15% for expected service, 20% for a great experience and down to 10% for something well less than wonderful. Add $1 per bag that the driver helps you with and $2 per bag for any that are very heavy.

Have your directions ready: You’ve hired a taxi/sedan service, not a field guide. Although many drivers will be familiar with all parts of the area they serve, inevitably there will be gaps in a cabbie’s knowledge. Try to know the major streets of your route or at least a major landmark that the driver will know near your ultimate destination.

Report Drunk Drivers, there’s an APP for that: SaferRide app aims to keep drunk drivers off our roadways.  http://1.usa.gov/13CVoGy‪#‎DriveSober‬

Be a Holiday Super Hero

Designated Driver Hero Delaware Office of Highway Safety

des·ig·nat·ed driver (dĕz′ĭg-nā′tĭd)

One who agrees to remain sober, as at a party, in order to be able to drive others home safely.



Be aware that enforcement is statewide and ongoing from now through the end of the year. Enforcement includes sobriety checkpoints and overtime patrols looking for speeding and impaired drivers, as well as anyone who is not properly secured in a seat belt. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, never drive impaired, and always buckle up.

Preventing impaired driving crashes is a shared responsibility. Everyone can do their part to save a life.

 #ARRIVEALIVEDEDUI Dialing Under the Influence

The Delaware OHS’s 2014 DUI campaign was classic highlighting that not all DUIs are a criminal act. Take Dialing Under the Influence, for example – Yep, It can get awkward, but it’s not against the law. Dancing Under the Influence – sure it’s not pretty, but it’s also not against the law either. Driving Under the Influence, on the other hand—that’s illegal, and not worth the risk. Every week. Everywhere—checkpoints are waiting.


For a list of where DUI Checkpoints will be in your area, text “CHECKPOINT” to 99000 – within seconds you’ll receive a Welcome Message. New updates are sent every Thursday, if applicable.  For more up-to-the-minute info, visit www.DUIRealTime.com This site tracks real-time the number DUI arrests (3,992 as of 12/30) and DUI fatalities(58 as of 12/30) in Delaware or visit  www.facebook.com/ArriveAliveDEThe Office of Highway Safety (OHS) is committed to developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy aimed at saving lives and preventing injuries on our Delaware highways.

HOLIDAY MOCKTAILSsafe & sober holiday season mocktails

Hosting a Holiday party? Offer guests Holiday Mocktails to encourage responsible party planning. Mocktails are non-alcoholic party punch and smart party snacks. Take a peek at the Delaware Office of Highway Safety’s Safe and Sober Party Guide for mocktail recipes and party planning tips. Mocktail books are always free of charge and available online. Check out the full Holiday Season Guide



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