Summer weddings on the beaches of Delaware are beautiful.  What’s not so beautiful is sweating in your fancy outfit.

When you’re dressed to the nines and the heat is in the nineties, ensure you look and feel your best with these tips from Dress Goddess:

  • Apply baby powder. After you shower, dry off completely and then apply baby powder all over your body. Rub it in and wait for a few minutes before getting dressed. The astringent causes your pores to constrict, which helps prevent sweating.
  • Wear your hair up.  When you leave the house, your long hairstyle looks perfect. And that’s the last time it will look perfect for the rest of the event. Avoid the frustration altogether and wear your hair up instead. Opt for a side-swept, curled hairstyle or a low, tight twist. Keeping the hair off your neck will ensure you feel cooler all day and night.
  • Choose your makeup carefully. Don’t wear liquid foundation if you’re going to an outdoor summer wedding. Instead, apply a primer first, and use powdered foundation and waterproof mascara to ensure your look stays in place from the ceremony through the after party.
  • Dress the part. Yes, weddings are formal, but outdoor weddings tend to come with a more relaxed dress code. Opt for a lightweight dress, like this La Femme dress made of a breezy poly chiffon material.

No matter what the occasion, you need to feel comfortable if you’re going to have a good time. They key to being comfortable during summer events is proper preparation.


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