MOM’s, what’s YOUR SUPER POWER?Moms-Super-Powers

It’s often been said that Mom’s possess Super Powers…what do you think?  We asked our readers what “Super Powers” they possess and here’s what these “Super Mom’s” had to say!

10. Super FLEXIBLE

Moms have this power of being in 10 places at the same time, being everything to everybody.

Michelle Kirkpatrick~ ELASTA-Girl from then Incredibles


Moms have a way of knowing when their kids are in trouble or up to trouble.  They know when their kids are happy, sad and need a helping hand.

Erin Lee~I can tell who a is lier by looking at their tongue and can see what they are doing without looking at them. So I am all knowing of truths, all seeing of deeds….oh and all finding of lost things!

8. Super JUGGLERsuper mom rant

Molly Malloy~ I am Molly the Multi Tasker
Tracy Burton Zigman~Super Juggler


Taya Shepard Dianna~ My super power is patience. My son wouldn’t have lived to see his 21st bday if it wasn’t for god’s gift of motherly patience!

6. Super DRIVEN

Tracy Burton Zigman~ My Mom – Super Understanding and Driven!


Suzy Casey~ my mom is a super listener who can read between the lines…she knows when her kids need her and when they are sad or hurt without them saying so, her focus is on them as well as her grand kids too. 


Oddly enough no one said they were selfless…that’s how selfless most Moms are and have to be.  Always putting their children first above all things and all others including themselves.


Dana Pietuszka~ Veasey Eyes in the back of my head, ability to find anything when no one else can and a gut instinct knowing when something is wrong with my kids

Kate Londre King ~I have “mommy magic”. It included the power to know where softball jerzees are, which stuffed animals need to be in bed with which kid and which screams mean “I’m really hurt” vs “we are playing swords and I was just stabbed with a foam dagger” I also includes the ability to know which treats need to go to which of 4 classrooms on holidays like valentines day and Halloween (hint-it took me until the third one started to school to figure out to sign up for the same thing for all 4 classes, no one class ends up with too many paper cups and no forks and I look like I have a great memory!)

Tina Jezyk Conley~ I don’t know that it’s a super power, but my son told me I’m the “fun police” and I suck the fun out if everything. That’s what happens when they become teenagers (?). Yeah me


Angela Albright~ Bifferato Being able to carry a kid and 10 things into the house.

1. Super STAMINAMom-Is-Wow

Vanessa Jackson~ My daughter, Kristin Silver Mihok, is a single mom of 3 and has many super powers. However, one that stands out when I’m in town visiting is the power to run full force all day; everyday on very little to no sleep day after day. She is amazing!