Oh…. it’s the mad rush to find exciting stocking stuffers or just some stuff to fill the darn thing.  Whichever, rest easy the happening Santas have got some fun ideas to ease the agnst. Most you can grab at your local convenience, drug or dollar store. Make it extra festive, go with a theme – quirky, traditional, naughty or nice – you decide the spice.

Don’t forget your trash engineers, mail carriers, cleaning peeps, nosy neighbors, etc – these are great finds for them too!

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50 Stocking Stuffers Under $10

All about your big Inner Kid

  1. Princess wand
  2. UNO
  3. Toy Harmonica
  4. PEZ
  5. JACKS
  6. Squirly Worm
  7. Lifesavers
  8. Puzzles
  9. Colored pencils & coloring book for adults(it’s hot this year!)
  10. LEGOS

Money Hungry

  1. $2 Bill(check with your Bank)
  2. Forever Stamps ( they last FORever, supposedly)
  3. A silver dollar coin (remember those? check with your Bank)
  4. Delaware ROCKS Lottery Scratchoff Tickets
  5. POWERBALL TIX $227MM (as of 12/24/16)
  6. Gold chocolate coins
  7. $100,000 Candy Bar
  8. Mini Piggy Bank
  9. Wallet or change purse
  10. Embellished Thank You Cards(to thank you for all the $$ gifts)

Spa Day

  1. Sparkle nail polish
  2. Bubbly bubble bath or crystals(like diamonds in the rough)
  3. Plush & Fuzzy Slippers
  4. Pedi-egg
  5. Glitter nail files
  6. Topsy turvy hair Towel
  7. Hand & Foot Scrub
  8. Eye Mask
  9. Tooth Picks or Mini Tooth Brushes for on those on the go!
  10. Altoids(spa for the breath)


  1. Delaware Ornament
  2. Delaware ROCKS Lottery Ticket
  3. Delaware post cards
  4. Delaware 87ers Basketball Tickets
  5. University of Delaware sticker
  6. Delaware Magnet
  7. Intro to NorthDelaWHEREHappening.com
  8. Dog Fish Head Beer Brewery Tour(FREE)
  9. Jar of Wilmington Pickling Company Pickles
  10. Delaware Quarter

For Anyone

  1. Lotsa Chapstick, like 5
  2. Coffee Gift Card
  3. Car Air Fresheners
  4. Fuzzy Gripper Socks
  5. Cell Phone accessible gloves, tipsy
  6. Goofy key caps
  7. Mini bottles of liquor (for those 21 years and over, of course)
  8. LOL Stickers
  9. Funky Hair Accessories
  10. Itunes Gift Card

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