Fall into the leavesLove the changing colors, crisp weather and beautiful sunsets that Autumn delivers? Crave the fall flavors, rich smells, riveting textures? If so, you may enjoy our Ultimate Fall Bucket List, highlighting 75 of our favorite ways to take advantage of this beautiful season in and around North Delaware.

Warning! Side effects may include: laughter, weight gain (if you make all the goodies we suggest), family bonding, memory making, increased intelligence, contagious smiles, broadened awareness, inner peace.

  1. Make Pumpkin Pancakes
  2. Volunteer with Friends or the Family
  3. Have An Outdoor Movie Night in your Backyard
  4. Laminate Leaves and Make Magnets
  5. Take a History Hike
  6. Get Cozy and Watch a Sunset
  7. Visit the Clydesdale Horses at Carousel
  8. Bake Pumpkin Bread
  9. Make Popcorn from the Cobb
  10. Toast Pumpkin Seeds
  11. Go Camping
  12. Read and Tell Scary Stories
  13. Do a 1,000 Piece Puzzle
  14. Go For a Bike Ride
  15. Kick Back and Stare at the Clouds in the Sky
  16. Hunt for Ghosts at Rockwood Mansion
  17. Host a Scary Movie Marathon
  18. Make a Donation to the Delaware Food Bank
  19. Go on a Picnic
  20. Fly A Kite
  21. Do a Fall Photo Shoot
  22. Get Lost in a Corn Maze
  23. Have a Scarecrow Making Party
  24. Start a Family Journal
  25. Capture Photos of Everything Orange One Day
  26. Make a Thankful Tree >
  27. Pick Apples
  28. Read a Book from Start to Finish in a Weekend
  29. Bake Pies…Apple or Pumpkin
  30. Visit a Pumpkin Patch
  31. Pile Them High and Jump in the Leaves
  32. Organize a Scavenger Hunt
  33. Make and Eat Caramel Apples
  34. Join the National Read for the Record Day at your Local Library
  35. Make a Fall Bucket and Put All these Ideas In It. Pick One Each Day.
  36. Make Homemade Apple Sauce
  37. Have a Soup Cook-Off
  38. Take a Ride in the Hay
  39. Watch “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”
  40. Take a Nature Hike
  41. Drink Fancy Coffee Drinks
  42. Sleep Under the Stars at Carousel Park
  43. Cheer at a Football Game
  44. Roast Marshmallows
  45. Go to a Fall Festival
  46. Jump in Mud Puddles with Your Rain Boots
  47. Play Touch Football
  48. Make Chili
  49. Sip Hot Apple Cider
  50. Taste Test Pumpkin Beers
  51. Make Leaf Art
  52. Bake Fall Cookies
  53. Build a Fire Pit to Roast Hot Dogs
  54. Plant Daffodils
  55. Go on the Delaware Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail
  56. Send a Fall Note to a Special Friend via Snail Mail
  57. Make Thanksgiving Crafts
  58. Buy Fresh at your Local Farmers Market
  59. Host a Pot-Luck Dinner
  60. Play in the Leaves
  61. Carve a Jack-O-Latern
  62. Visit a Local Farm
  63. Recognize Someone Doing GOOD
  64. Take a Scenic Drive along Route 9
  65. REDiscover Columbus
  66. Hunt for Four Leaf Clovers
  67. Gather a Group of Friends and Go For a Hay Ride
  68. Say HI to Everyone You See
  69. Volunteer for a Fun Fall Event
  70. Snap Fall Foliage Photos in New Castle County and tag @NorthDelaWHEREHappening
  71. Paint a Pumpkin
  72. Thank a Veteran or Military Family for Their Service to Our Country
  73. Make S’mores
  74. Go Shopping on Black Friday
  75. Shop only LOCAL for a week