Rachel Milano - Wagon Lady of Savannah GeorgiaThe Historic Walk of Love… a story of one womans undying love and testimony that may change your life.

Alive to Thrive is a Video Web Series based on The Historic Walk of Love, formerly The Push For Awareness.  The event took place in 2008 where Ms. Rachel E. Milano, also known as The Wagon Lady of Savannah Georgia, pushed an 825 pound wagon 250 miles from Savannah to Atlanta Georgia to bring greater awareness to the issues surrounding childhood maltreatment and sexual abuse.  The 1000 foot climb took 6 weeks and 5 days, started April 16th and ended June 2nd.

“Never Mind Where I’m From…. Watch Where I’m going.” ~REMilano

2013 marks the fifth year anniversary and in honor of this land mark year, Ms. Milano is going to release “Alive to Thrive” where she will recount the day by day experiences and life lessons of the push.  In this unique web series, she will share the highlights of what happened along the way on that day, five years ago.  She proclaims, “I met people from the Ghetto to the Meadow and man alive do I have stories to tell!”

“Sharing Our Survival Story While Living The INpossible Dream.”

(c) -Ms. R.E.Milano

If you are in the Wilmington, Delaware, area or would like to come into Wilmington to be a part of the film, simply let us know and we will try and get you booked to accompany Ms. Milano during tea, lunch or dinner as she recounts the history of this remarkable event.


Advanced Filming: March 18 – May 4th
Film upload dates: April 16 – June 2nd
alive to thrive -REMilano
There will be no charge to anyone wishing to view this web series.  Ms. Milano wanted the world to have free and unlimited access to the event and it’s stories.  “I’m not just sharing a testimony about what happened during this journey… I’m sharing a testimony about the journey of life in general… our life … as part of the human race.”
A Kickstarter Project is launching to help fund the production of this Web Series as a hard copy book and dvd combo.  Following this, Alive to Thrive will release as a feature length film based on these actual events.  Production for this film has been underway since 2009.  Everyone is invited to lend their support :).  Rewards are granted for all support levels.
The Alive to Thrive Video Web Series will be hosted on The Wagon Lady website, www.thewagonlady.com, however, links to the series will also be made to the wagonlady Facebook page at The Wagon Lady of Savannah Georgia.  If you would like to follow this series or participate in the production of Alive to Thrive, RSVP to the event via Facebook.  Please share and keep the message of awareness and restoration circulating. ♥

Rachel Milano - Wagon Lady of Savannah Georgia News ArticleMs. Rachel E. Milano’s Biography

On April 16th, Ms. Rachel E. Milano pushed an 825 pound covered wagon 250 miles up a 1000 foot climb from Savannah, Georgia, to Atlanta, Georgia, to bring greater awareness to the issues surrounding childhood maltreatment and sexual abuse.  She also encouraged survivors of violation to persevere through the journey of restoration.  The event took 6 weeks and 5 days finishing June 2, 2008.  Ms. Milano is the first woman to complete such a feet.  As a thriving survivor of chronic childhood and adult maltreatment and sexual abuse, she is a living testament to the power of restoration and ones ability to over come some of life’s greatest challenges.  She continues her efforts to bring about awareness and motivate survivors in the direction of healing.  Her goal is to open two centers, The National Pilot L.I.G.H.T in Delaware and The International L.I.G.H.T in Savannah, Georgia.  The Living Institutes for Guidance, Hope and Transformation will be safe centers for survivors of violation to begin and maintain the process of Lifestyle Transformation for a healthier more productive future.   Ms. Milano is currently working on a documentary project called “Alive to Thrive” being produced by Film Brothers of Wilmington, Delaware, to capture and preserve the history of this event.
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